“Quantum Talking Phone” was born, what is the difference with traditional mobile phones?

As we all know, Quantum Communication refers to a form of communication that uses the principles of quantum mechanics to manipulate quantum states, which can effectively solve information security issues. Quantum communication is an important branch of quantum information science. It uses the principles of quantum mechanics to manipulate quantum states and exchange information between two locations, which can accomplish tasks that cannot be done by classical communication. Quantum communication is the only communication method that has been strictly proved to be unconditionally secure, and it can effectively solve the problem of information security.

At the 2020 Tianyi Intelligent Ecological Expo held not long ago, China Telecom exhibited two prototypes, which are based on the existing mobile phones of Huawei and ZTE. The screensavers of the two mobile phones are the logos of China Telecom and Guodong Quantum. Users can select two call modes-“encrypted call” or “ordinary call” with one key during a call. What is this kind of mobile phone that can conduct “quantum secure calls”? What is the difference with traditional mobile phones?

Before explaining the quantum communication mobile phone, we must first talk about quantum communication. In fact, most of the articles and reports in the field of quantum communication now let you see Schrödinger’s cat in the cloud, and it will die for a while. If you search the Internet now, you can find quantum communication that is nonsense, and there are too many reports of scammer Pan Jianwei defrauding funds.

Secure mobile phone equipped with “quantum key”

“Mobile phones that can perform quantum secure calls are similar in function to traditional secure mobile phones. The difference lies in the combination of quantum keys prepared with quantum information technology.” Zheng Jiasheng, deputy general manager of China Telecom Anhui Company and director of China Telecom Quantum Company, told Science and Technology Daily reporter, for the “quantum secure call” mobile phone, the company is more inclined to describe it as a “mobile phone that supports quantum secure call services.” Quantum secure call service can be understood as a “secure call + quantum key” service; the difference between secure call and ordinary call is that the voice of the call is encrypted and then transmitted, so as to realize the anti-leakage function of the call content.

“Quantum key refers to the key prepared using quantum information technology.” Zheng Jiasheng said, the specific method of combining quantum key with mobile phone secure call is: prefill the quantum key into the secure SIM card in advance, and pass the secure SIM The card encrypts the voice data when making a secure call, thereby preventing the leakage of the content of the voice transmission. Among them, the “secure SIM card” combines the functions of an ordinary SIM card and a security chip.

Quantum key distribution, you can own the National Shield Quantum technology originated from the University of Science and Technology of China, and its products have been deployed in the quantum secure communications backbone network and other projects including the “Beijing-Shanghai trunk line” of quantum secure communications. It is understood that China Telecom announced in November this year that it officially launched the “Quantum Shield Operation” and released the “Quantum Metropolitan Area Network” plan to deploy the quantum security industry. It is planned to take the lead in providing “quantum security cloud” for public security in 10 cities through the Quantum Casting Shield in the next 5 years, provide quantum security networking solutions for 100 cities, and provide quantum security encryption solutions for 10,000 government and corporate clients. Provide quantum secure call service for 10 million mobile terminal users. According to China Telecom’s arrangements, it is expected that the trial will be conducted on a small scale in some regions at the end of 2020 or early 2021.

Quantum secure communication should be the first quantum application that everyone will be exposed to in the future. As for the quantum phone, it is not the first in China. In May of this year, Samsung released the world’s first 5G smartphone Galaxy A Quantum with integrated quantum random number generator chipset. It can be said that quantum confidential communication has absolute security in mathematics (mathematics is involved here, and those who are interested can learn about it by themselves or communicate with me).

In addition, China Telecom said that China Telecom is expected to launch domestic mobile phones with quantum call function for the civilian market at the end of this year or early next year. As for more detailed information, we will wait and see. Let us look forward to it together. Since the machine is still under development, more configuration information will be exposed in the follow-up, and 21ic will continue to follow up.

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