Police drones continue to release growth space, and pilot training needs to be strengthened

With the continuous development of flight control, navigation, communication and other technologies, the UAV industry has ushered in a rapid rise. With the advantages of easy operation, high flexibility, and low cost, more and more different types and applications of unmanned aerial vehicles are emerging. Machines began to appear frequently in our production and life. Among them, police drones are included.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – All-rounders in the Police Field

With the rapid heating up of the industrial drone market, the sub-sector of police drones has also developed rapidly, becoming an important tool for law enforcement by police departments, and has applications in many aspects.


The advantages of police drones are mainly in the wide high-altitude field of view, large monitoring range, and flexible and changeable viewing angles. In terms of emergency response, when there are major emergencies or large-scale activities, the public security department can quickly conduct a large-scale on-site observation through aerial monitoring of drones, monitor the gathering and flow of personnel in real time, capture illegal acts, and conduct investigations on the scene. The situation is dispatched and the problem is solved quickly.

If it is equipped with technologies such as face recognition and automatic tracking, it will help to expand the coverage of patrols and better catch criminals. For illegal people who are fleeing and hiding, drones can also quickly find vehicles and people. Effective monitoring coverage.

In addition, in the event of a natural disaster or a safety production accident, images can be transmitted in real time through aerial work by drones, alarming and positioning of people who need rescue, and delivery of relevant life-saving equipment.

Police drones continue to release growth space

At present, most provinces, cities and autonomous regions in the country are equipped with more than 300 police drones, involving nearly 60 types of various types. With the gradual breakthrough of technical difficulties of police drones and the continuous improvement of related systems, the market size of police drones will be further improved. In the future, if my country’s police drones are gradually standardized, and each police unit is equipped with several police drones, the potential demand for police drones in my country may exceed 3,000, and police drones The hardware sales market is also expected to reach billions.

In the long run, the maturity of police drone technology in the future will lead to a decrease in the cost of parts and an increase in demand, which will help promote the further development of the police drone industry. At the same time, driven by policies and the gradual improvement of the industrial chain, the police drone market will continue to release huge growth space.

The shortage of talents shows that it is necessary to strengthen pilot training

However, because police drones are still in the early stages of development, and police units in many places have only recently purchased this equipment, they lack experience in specific use and management. The public security team is responsible for operating drones. There are not many people who have passed the assessment and certification of the civil aviation AOPA, and have obtained the qualification for piloting drones. The lack of aviation professionals is still an important factor affecting the use of police drones.

Therefore, the training of police drone pilots needs to be continuously improved and promoted based on actual needs. Public security colleges and universities in various provinces and cities can set up professional training courses or set up related majors by cooperating with police units and drone companies according to local conditions, which can not only make up for the lack of existing pilots, but also form a system It has developed a comprehensive training mechanism to continuously deliver professional police drone piloting talents to police units.

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