Mouser Electronics, Microchip and Crowd Supply Unveil 2020 Get Launched Design Program

September 22, 2020 – With less than four months to go, the 2020 Get Launched program co-sponsored by Mouser Electronics, Microchip Technology and Crowd Supply is coming to an end, engineers who have not yet participated should Hurry up! Get Launched is a startup incubator program that helps companies achieve rapid production and time-to-market by leveraging Microchip’s expertise to provide technical guidance throughout the design process. This global electronics design program requires designers to submit projects that include one or more Microchip components. The program is a joint launch of Mouser Electronics, Microchip and Crowd Supply, and entries will be promoted through the channels of all three companies.

Designers can submit project proposals to participate in the 2020 Get Launched program through the form on the Crowd Supply website. Sponsors will review each project on a case-by-case basis and determine the eligibility of entrants, who can complete their 30-day Crowd Supply process at any time in 2020. All successful entrants will receive a support package that includes discounted components for start-up production operations, technical and market review consultation, discounted Crowd Supply event fees, and one of the following Microchip development boards:

The Microchip Curiosity PIC32MZ EF Development Board is designed to evaluate high-performance PIC32MZ EF MCUs, offering 2 MB of Flash, 512 KB of RAM, an integrated FPU, cryptographic accelerators and excellent connectivity options. This 32-bit Curiosity development platform includes a programmer/debugger, two mikroBUS™ click boards and an onboard Wi-Fi-N module, and is fully integrated with Microchip MPLAB® X IDE.

Microchip AVR-IoT WA Development Board combines a powerful ATmega4808 8-bit AVR MCU, CryptoAuthentication™ Secure Element, and a fully certified Wi-Fi network controller for connecting embedded applications to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform a simple and effective method.

The Microchip PIC-IoT WA development board features a PIC24FJ128GA705 16-bit XLP MCU, Wi-Fi module, and CryptoAuthentication Secure Element IC, with preloaded firmware that enables engineers to quickly connect to and send onboard temperature and light sensor data to the AWS platform.

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