ARM Legion Assembles, GCC Group Appears at CITE2020

As the window of China’s Electronic information industry and the vane of industry development, the 8th China electronic Information Expo (CITE2020) will be held in Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center from August 14th to 16th. The Green Computing Industry Consortium (GCC) convened the industry’s ARM-related heavyweight ecological partners, and will make their debut in the 1A020 exhibition area of ​​Hall 1 of the China Electronic Information Expo. In addition, the 2020 Green Computing Standards and Industry Summit hosted by GCC will be held on August 15th. Held in Rose Hall 3 on the fifth floor, industry experts are welcome to take the time to attend.

Show the evaluation of four value scenarios and create an authoritative evaluation platform

With the growing demand for green computing in emerging applications such as big data, the Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, green computing products, services and solutions with higher performance, lower energy consumption, and more openness are required to meet users’ urgent need for green computing. need. In particular, green computing processors and servers represented by the ARM architecture are booming and have been deployed in many application scenarios, reflecting the advantages of green computing in the new generation of data center infrastructure.

In order to analyze the typical application scenarios of green computing and reflect the advantages of solutions represented by products based on ARM architecture, the Green Computing Industry Alliance has been committed to promoting green computing sub-scenario evaluation activities. Evaluation of four value scenarios.

ARM Legion Assembles, GCC Group Appears at CITE2020

Distributed storage interface applications (blocks, files, objects) are applied in various industry scenarios, and the application scenarios for which they are aimed and the overall performance indicators of the storage system also have different requirements. Systematically provide test data, test indicators and test cases, etc., which can reflect the overall requirements of the business end for the storage system under different distributed storage interface types, and guide the user’s overall solution design and verification, and promote the distribution based on green computing. Enhanced capabilities of storage solutions.

Big data scenarios include data warehouses, data marts, real-time streaming, etc., and have specific requirements on the computing power of servers. For example, the data warehouse scenario focuses on computing performance and throughput, and the data set scenario focuses on computing return latency and concurrency. The NSFOCUS big data scenario evaluation standard is based on the computing power requirements of specific big data applications, and systematically gives test data, test indicators and test cases, etc., reflecting the requirements of various data scenarios for servers.

Web applications are widely used in government affairs, finance, office information systems and other industries. Aiming at the needs of industrial web applications for server solutions, the test method is systematically given, and the indicators and characteristics concerned in web applications are compared between servers based on ARM architecture and servers with traditional architectures, in order to reflect the advantages of green computing.

HPC industry applications (such as meteorological environmental protection, gene sequencing, industrial manufacturing, etc.) have specific requirements for the computing power of servers. Based on the computing power requirements of HPC applications in specific industries, test data, test indicators and test cases are systematically given to reflect the specific requirements of each HPC scenario for servers. It can be used to guide the server evaluation, design, verification and selection of HPC scenarios in various industries, and promote the improvement of the capabilities of HPC solutions based on green computing.

The latest products and solutions of GCC members are brilliant

This year’s GCC exhibition area brings together the latest products and solutions of many GCC members such as Huawei, Feiteng, Ampere, Baode, Micronet Cloud, Xingchen Tianhe, Suzhou Chaoji, Shenzhou Information, and China Electronics Standardization Institute.


The Huawei exhibition area presents a number of highlights such as Kunpeng motherboards to create diversified computing products, open source to create the best basic software for diverse computing scenarios, and the vigorous development of Kunpeng industrial ecology. , and more cross-provincial high-speed billing example sand table and other appearances.


Feiteng CPU products have the characteristics of complete pedigree, high performance, perfect ecology and high degree of autonomy. At present, they mainly include three series of high-performance server CPU, high-performance desktop CPU and high-end embedded CPU, which provide various types of devices from terminal to cloud. Core computing power support. This time, there will be six Feiteng chips and Feiteng notebook computers.


The Mt. Jade platform based on the Ampere Altra processor presented by Ampere provides a total of 160 processor cores in a two-socket configuration, making it the platform with the highest core density in the industry; the eMAG 8180 processor used in the Ampere Raptor server has 32 energy-efficient computing At the core, its 2U rack servers are ideal for big data computing and analytics, web servers, and scalable infrastructure platforms.


The Baode Kunpeng server adopts the Kunpeng 920 processor, which provides strong computing performance and expansion capabilities, is stable and reliable, and is suitable for processing needs with high information security requirements, and can meet the diverse computing requirements of enterprises; Baode PT620K Kunpeng desktop, compact Exquisite, powerful performance, ultimate experience, security and stability, the newly designed high-performance desktop products meet the needs of comprehensive and efficient office work. It can not only meet the needs of government agencies and party and government departments, but also easily respond to various commercial office environments.

Micronet Cloud

The MNC-ADS2U24-12 distributed storage server that Micronet will Display has 2U24 bays, 12 hot-swappable storage nodes, 2 hot-swappable switching modules, and 2 hot-swappable cooling modules.

The server has software and hardware integration, high density, low power consumption, high reliability, distributed storage, payment multi-copy mode and erasure code mode, automatic data migration, no single point of failure, hot swappable replacement, remote maintenance and many other features.


Xingchen Tianhe will show a set of Xingchen Xinchuang storage cloud consisting of 6 servers. The solution is enterprise-level distributed storage, supports heterogeneous servers, and the CPU types include Kunpeng, Feiteng, and supports block storage, file storage, and object storage. , which supports data flow migration without business interruption. It is more open and compatible, hardware is not locked, data is efficiently managed, resource allocation is optimized, and it is equipped with a complete data disaster recovery solution.

Suzhou Superset

The AMAX fully liquid-cooled GPU workstation displayed by Suzhou Chaoji adopts full liquid cooling of CPU and GPU, which greatly reduces the power consumption and noise of the whole machine. The noise of the whole machine under full load is lower than 54dB. It supports 2 liquid-cooled GPUs and has up to 48GB of video memory. 260 TFLOPS hybrid computing accuracy, operating frequency can be stably maintained above 1500MHz, can provide ultra-high computing power, support flexible expansion, on-demand configuration, very suitable for data with strict requirements on computing power, noise, energy consumption and heat dissipation Scientists and deep learning researchers.

China Information

China Information Technology will showcase a complete set of distributed application platform Sm@rtGalaxy for the financial industry, a new generation of platform-level products based on micro-service design concepts and a distributed and open technology system. China Information Technology’s enterprise-level micro-service platform Sm@rtEMSP , China Information Intelligent Services accumulated over many years of experience, and China Information & Huawei Bank’s key business joint program.

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