Returning to the top three in the world, Xiaomi has become the biggest winner of Double Eleven

Double Eleven has come to an end, it doesn’t matter whether you like it or not, what matters is that Xiaomi has become the biggest winner.

In 2020, Xiaomi was born ten years ago and participated in eight Double Eleven. And every Double Eleven ending is like a signal of Xiaomi’s “upgrade”, and this year is the same.

Lei Jun once said that for Xiaomi, Double Eleven is not only a simple shopping festival, but also a test of the new retail model and the core strategy of “mobile phone xAIoT”. Therefore, in the face of the technological era that has come, Xiaomi has once again proved the advanced nature of the Xiaomi model with its achievements.

According to Xiaomi data, during the Double Eleven this year, in terms of mobile phone sales, it won the first place in Android mobile phones, and the sales on the whole platform reached a record 14.3 billion yuan, which is the best since Xiaomi participated in the Double Eleven. record. Lei Jun also said in his Double Eleven email, “We have experienced that consumer demand has exploded after a long period of suppression; we have achieved the first victory in the e-commerce battlefield after the start of the new ten-year journey; we are more powerful This proves that no matter how much uncertainty there is in the world, Xiaomi can turn success into a sure thing!”

Returning to the world’s top three Xiaomi’s evolution again

Behind such rhetoric, it also reflects Xiaomi’s incomparable self-confidence.

Especially in the main mobile phone business, during the Double Eleven period, the mobile phone products led by the Xiaomi Mi 10 series won the popularity of users. Among the top ten sales rankings on multiple platforms, Xiaomi and Redmi mobile phones accounted for half of the country. , to achieve comprehensive dominance.

In the past year, under the trend of year-on-year decline in the global mobile phone market, Xiaomi achieved growth against the trend. The data shows that in the second quarter of this year, Xiaomi’s mobile phone had the highest growth rate in the European mobile phone market, and entered the top three in European market share for the first time. In six years, it has returned to the third place in the world in terms of shipments. In the Chinese market, Xiaomi is still the only mobile phone brand that maintains positive growth.

Lei Jun even said, “Returning to the top three in the world is just the beginning. We will continue to consolidate the dual-brand strategy, sound the horn of a decisive battle in China and the global market, and advance bravely towards the top.”

Behind these amazing achievements and Xiaomi’s courageous progress, Xiaomi has always adhered to technology-oriented, and continued to explore and invest heavily in advanced technology. As of the end of June 2020, Xiaomi has authorized more than 16,000 patents worldwide, and more than 3,200 patents related to the 5G standard. At the beginning of this year, Xiaomi Smart Factory was officially completed. It is not only a “black light factory” for fully automated production lines, but also a laboratory for technology pre-research and high-end equipment research and development.

In terms of product performance, from the initial exploration of the high-end market of Xiaomi 9, to the sales of Xiaomi 10 far exceeding expectations. With the release of a series of leading technologies such as 120x zoom, 100 million pixels, 120W second charge, and 80W wireless second charge, Xiaomi has not only gained a firm foothold in the high-end market, but also gained more and more users’ support in terms of technology and innovation. Recognition and support.

Lei Jun once said, “Apple’s mobile phone is still the world’s leading smartphone, and domestic mobile phones are working hard in this direction.” Indeed, in terms of current strength, Xiaomi is still insufficient compared to Huawei, Apple, and Samsung. However, with the increase of Xiaomi’s R&D investment every year, Xiaomi itself is also undergoing transformation.

AIoT powers Xiaomi dual-engine drive

Today’s Xiaomi, mobile phones are not its only bright spot.

This Double Eleven, the theme of Xiaomi’s event is “Intelligently Creates a New Life”, and our goal is to promote the comprehensive popularization of intelligent life to mass users. According to the data, in this Double Eleven, Xiaomi smart bracelets, air purifiers, smart door locks, routers, smart home and other categories ranked first in 221 items on the entire platform.

In the field of major appliances, Xiaomi is even more invincible. Major appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, and refrigerators have ushered in a new explosion. The Xiaomi TV category has taken the first place in both sales and sales on the entire platform.Among them, Redmi 98-inch Smart

Data shows that as of June 30, 2020, the number of IoT devices (excluding smartphones and laptops) connected to Xiaomi’s IoT platform reached 271.0 million units, a year-on-year increase of 38.3%. The monthly active users of AI assistant Xiao Ai reached 78.4 million in June 2020, a year-on-year increase of 57.1%.

The reason why Xiaomi can maintain such a strong position in the IoT field is also because it has established the core strategy of “mobile phone xAIoT”. Since the beginning of last year, Xiaomi has decided to invest at least 50 billion yuan in the AIoT field in the next five years. On the one hand, continue the advantages of Xiaomi’s ecological chain model and rapidly increase the number of smart connected devices; at the same time, it will fully develop core technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, cloud computing, etc., to give intelligence to large and small home appliances, and to promote the intelligence of traditional home appliances And the upgrade of networking, empowering China’s manufacturing industry, allowing smart homes to enter thousands of households.

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