Taking the “14th Five-Year Plan” as a new starting point to realize the innovative development of my country’s network security industry

In the “14th Five-Year Plan” outline, “development” and “security” have become the two most important hot words. Among them, “network security” and “data security” were mentioned 14 times and 5 times respectively, which fully highlights the important strategic position of network security as a guarantee of national security, people’s security, social security and infrastructure security. From this beginning, network security will also become one of the important work directions in my country’s future development and construction.

In the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Chapters 5 and 15 have scientifically discussed the healthy development direction and practical tasks and objectives of my country’s network security industry, which are worthy of our in-depth study and thinking.

1. my country’s network security industry will usher in a new round of development in the spring

With the continuous improvement of the national digital government construction level under the requirements of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the construction of the national public data resource system will also be further improved, and data resources will gradually tend to be more open and shared in the future. In this way, higher requirements are put forward on how to effectively ensure the security of public data, timely data exchange, extraction, analysis, aggregation, in-depth utilization and supporting management measures.

In the “14th Five-Year Plan” outline, the government will encourage third parties to deepen the mining and utilization of public data. Taking this as a starting point will inevitably lead to a new round of technological revolution in the network security industry and drive the emergence of new industrial models. . At the same time, supporting laws and regulations to more effectively guarantee and promote the development of the cybersecurity industry will also be enriched and improved during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, and the protection of key information infrastructure will also be continuously strengthened. With the further refinement and implementation of relevant implementation measures, the overall scale of my country’s cybersecurity industry will see sustained, stable and rapid growth during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

The country’s increase in preferential policies and industrial support will boost the network security industry to usher in a new round of golden development. my country’s network security industry is expected to hit the trillion-level market scale during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period.

2. The development of the network security industry in the new era should have new connotations

The network security situation at home and abroad that our country is facing is still very severe. It is important for our country to speed up the improvement and improvement of my country’s network security system, explore new industrial operation mechanisms and excellent talent training models, break through technical barriers, and achieve independent technological innovation and leapfrog progress. The necessary conditions for the healthy development of the network security industry are also a concrete manifestation of the requirements for the development of the network security industry in the “14th Five-Year Plan”.

From the strategic perspective of maintaining network security, in addition to continuing to pay attention to the construction of traditional network security defense systems, we should pay enough attention to new issues such as risk early warning, source tracing, and effective countermeasures. In the future, what we need is to meet the business ecology and work needs of various industries, especially key industries (such as energy, finance, industry, medical care, communications, etc.), and integrate talent training, technology research and development, implementation, management, and continuing education. , has a new generation of network security comprehensive offensive and defensive system with moderate defense depth, high sensitivity, flexibility, and both offense and defense.

From the perspective of the healthy development of the network security industry, more attention should be paid to the combined application of traditional network security technologies and emerging technologies in the future. For example, strengthening the integrated and innovative application of artificial intelligence technology and network security technology will be an effective means to effectively promote the overall hard power of my country’s network security industry. Therefore, we need more people with lofty ideals who can really calm down and engage in research at such a moment, break through technical barriers, and promote the cross-integration and innovation of interdisciplinary and diversified technologies. Only by continuously injecting fresh blood into the network security industry can we create infinite possibilities for the development of the industry, and in this way, we can all recover from various threats to national security.

From the perspective of talent training and talent construction, talent training is the top priority of the development of the network security industry. During the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, in the face of the rapidly developing network security industry, the shortage of professional talents will become more obvious. The cultivation of outstanding talents requires not only the education of professional colleges, but also the joint participation and attention of the whole society.

1. Based on the new engineering background, colleges and universities should effectively implement the three core tasks of building a finance college, building a finance course, and building a highland

Colleges and universities should be based on the background of new engineering construction, implement the construction tasks of golden colleges, golden courses, and highlands, actively promote the effective transformation between the academic achievements and teaching contents of cybersecurity disciplines, and establish comprehensive courses, problem-oriented courses, and interdisciplinary research discussions. course. Effectively connect the network security industry ecology, technology, and actual needs of talents, advocate the introduction of enterprises into the school, and create a talent training model that integrates production, research, and education. Accurately deliver the outstanding talents needed for various types of organizations in the industry.

2. Implement the three-level (primary, intermediate, advanced) certification requirements that meet the current status of my country’s cyberspace security talents

In conjunction with colleges and universities, industry associations, and outstanding enterprises, on the basis of earnestly researching the certification of network security talents at home and abroad, following the system requirements of engineering education professional certification, the introduction of primary (technical workers/auxiliary workers), intermediate (technical engineers/professional technology) Personnel), senior (scientist/engineering application scientist/senior engineer) three levels of cyberspace security talent certification specifications and specific requirements. Help my country’s network security talents to continue their career planning, and carry out lifelong continuing education in an orderly manner, so that life-long training of talents can be based on standards and evidence, and open up the path of professional talents’ progress and promotion.

3. Develop a network shooting range platform for the cultivation of diversified network security talents and strengthen the relevant competition system

Aiming at the diversified capability needs of national key departments and key industries (such as electricity, finance, intelligent manufacturing, etc.) for cybersecurity talents, we will develop a more comprehensive and comprehensive cyber range platform, which will help our country’s cybersecurity talents in the education and training process. Provide a high-quality training environment in China, and encourage students of relevant majors to actively participate in major network security competitions at home and abroad, strengthen assistance and guidance for students to participate in competitions, help students to continuously temper and polish their actual combat capabilities, and fertile soil for nurturing top network security talents ,creating condition.

4. Exploring cyberspace security MOOC courses are aimed at youth groups

Teenagers are the future of the motherland, the hope of the nation, and the backbone of the development of the Internet. It is necessary to actively respond to the notice of the Ministry of Education on printing and distributing the “Guidelines for National Security Education in Universities, Primary and Secondary Schools”, study the teaching mode of combining MOOC-related technologies with classroom training and visiting practice, and explore the online and offline integration of experiential popular science education methods. The interest in learning and mastering the knowledge and skills of network information security and the ability to operate independently The development of the security industry provides a large base of reserve talents.

3. Sharpen the sword in participating in the construction of the international network security industry

As early as February 27, 2014, General Secretary Xi Jinping clearly put forward the important guiding ideology of “without network security, there is no national security” in his speech at the first meeting of the Central Leading Group for Cybersecurity and Informatization. Cyberspace security has long been the main battleground for games between countries, especially between major powers. Cyber ​​security is closely related to national sovereignty, and control over cyberspace is an important means of demonstrating national power.

my country’s network security industry cannot exist in isolation. We need to bow our heads to pull the car and look up to see the road. In the formulation of relevant international general standards, we should create more opportunities to participate in it, on the one hand, fully learn and absorb advanced experience and technology, on the other hand, it is also conducive to the promotion of our own industrial achievements. In this process, we will strive to export our software and hardware services, management systems, and talent training systems, comprehensively enhance the global influence of my country’s cybersecurity industry, and form a strong deterrent for cyberspace security.

Fourth, be independent without fear, treat each other with sincerity, and face the future

Possessing more key technologies with independent intellectual property rights and sufficient reserve talents are an important foundation for the development of my country’s network security industry. If we can’t get stuck in our necks, we can naturally raise our eyebrows.

Actively participating in global cybersecurity business cooperation and academic research work is a whetstone. We need broad experimental space and practical opportunities to temper our cybersecurity industry into steel.

Fulfilling the mission of building a community with a shared future in cyberspace and helping countries, regions and organizations in need to develop their own cybersecurity industry equally and amicably is the lubricant, and building a safe, free, stable and prosperous global cyberspace is the best future.


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