Molex Modular Vehicle Connectivity (MAX) Platform Enables High-Quality Vehicle Network Connectivity

Molex is a Tier 1 system integrator and leading supplier of high-speed networking, data communications, ruggedized industrial and automotive solutions that enable innovative architecture design and development for future smart vehicles, now offering modular automotive connectivity ( MAX) solution.

MAX supplies both traditional and emerging automotive industry providers with high-quality, affordable vehicle networking capabilities using two modules from u-blox (SIX:UBXN), a leading global supplier of Swiss positioning and wireless communications technologies . The MAX is ideal for use in small form factor series, such as vans or targeted, innovative electric vehicle projects, where it acts as a secure client between various proxies and cloud services. As the central node of the vehicle, MAX enables both internal and external network connections. The solution is extremely flexible and scalable, and adopts the concept of open software to meet various key needs in the dynamic changing mobile market.

Dietmar Schnepp, Product Director for Vehicle Communication Devices at Molex, said: “MAX further supports our commitment to bring next-generation connectivity to vehicles across the market, not just as a luxury item reserved for luxury carmakers. .Molex’s innovation and expertise are driving solutions that transform the automotive market environment for the convenience of our customers.”

Andreas Thiel, Head of Product Center and Co-Founder at u-blox, said: “We are very pleased to be working with Molex, a global leader in the automotive market, on the new MAX connectivity platform that uses two of u-blox’s two core technologies. We are also very proud of this module. This collaboration demonstrates u-blox’s dedication to automotive customers, providing them with best-in-class positioning and wireless communication solutions.”

With individual configurations, the MAX can be tailored to customer requirements. The platform combines the high quality of state-of-the-art communication technology with the necessary degree of standardization to achieve cost control. In addition, the stand-alone modular design also reduces time-to-market compared to custom solutions. This is an ideal alternative for telecommunications service providers who can use MAX as the basis for back-end connectivity, as well as for the development process of various applications.

The optimal mobile network access capability and precise positioning capability can provide support for innovative mobile applications. Two modules from u-blox, TOBY-L4 and NEO-M8L, are built into the MAX Connectivity Platform. TOBY-L4 supports receiving data from the mobile network and sending the data to the backend, thus realizing mobile Internet access. In addition, the NEO-M8L, an automotive-grade GNSS module, supports positioning, so that the ECU always knows the precise location of the vehicle. The solution enables positioning not only via GPS, but also via Galileo, BeiDou and GLONASS systems. As a result, MAX can be deployed globally, providing mobility providers, OEMs and system suppliers around the world with a flexible and scalable solution.

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