Hisense and Canon join forces to promote consumer-grade 8K imaging solutions

On May 14th, the 23rd China International Photographic Machinery and Imaging Equipment and Technology Expo (2021 CHINA P&E) opened in Beijing. Hisense and Canon joined hands at the exhibition to showcase the “8K imaging solutions” that are being jointly promoted. . The two parties took advantage of their respective advantages in ultra-high-definition video shooting and ultra-high-definition video Display, joined forces, and took a solid step in the exploration of creating 8K video solutions across brands. The industry application market provides strong technical support, laying the foundation for the rapid development of the 8K industry and the popularization of 8K technology applications.

Hisense and Canon join forces to promote consumer-grade 8K imaging solutions

In the Canon and Hisense joint exhibition area, the Canon EOS R5 full-frame micro-camera and Hisense ULED 8K ultra-high-quality TV U7G-MAX appeared together, attracting many enthusiasts and consumers from the photography and technology circles. The 8K image solution jointly promoted by Canon and Hisense is an 8K input and output solution for the civilian consumer market. Capable of Hisense TV for true restoration. “This way allows us who like photography to have a better channel to display their works, especially 8K ultra-high-definition photos can show 100% of the original color and quality of the photos, which brings visual enjoyment.” Photography Mr. Liu, an enthusiast, said after experiencing the solution equipment.

The Canon EOS R5 full-frame micro-camera is the first EOS camera that can shoot 8K short films, and the functional upgrade expands the creative possibilities. Hisense U7G-MAX TV, the flagship product of Hisense U7 Champion Series, is known as the “IMAX 8K Theater” with excellent picture quality.

It is understood that the Hisense U7G-MAX TV is equipped with the third-generation 8K super-resolution technology independently developed by Hisense, which can achieve three-level optimization from low-quality film sources to 2K, 4k, and 8k image quality. At the same time, through confrontational AI technology The scene model is constructed in real time, and AI scene compensation is performed on the details of objects not captured by the device, so that the image is closer to the real world visible to the naked eye, and users can experience an 8K-level visual feast with a strong sense of immersion without leaving home. In addition, the application of Xinxin U+ super image quality chip, 100-level full-array dynamic backlight technology, and ULED 8K light shaping technology can better control the overall light contrast of the TV screen, making the details of the dark parts darker and deeper, and making the bright parts darker and deeper. The details are brighter and not overexposed, with more visual layering.

The Canon EOS R5 and Hisense ULED 8K can not only restore the delicate picture, rich color and natural dynamic range of 8K ultra-high-definition images, but also bring a more immersive 8K ultra-high-definition visual experience with large-size screen playback. , as in the scene, you can also feel the natural and realistic world at home.

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