After 3 days ahead of Huawei, Xiaopeng released the world’s first mass-produced vehicle equipped with lidar “Xpeng P5”

Xpeng Motors welcomes the third mass-produced car after the Xpeng G3 and Xpeng P7, the Xpeng P5, equipped with two lidars, allowing the car to transform from a travel tool to a mobile smart space.

After 3 days ahead of Huawei, Xiaopeng released the world’s first mass-produced vehicle equipped with lidar “Xpeng P5”

On April 14, Beijing time, following the Xpeng G3 and Xpeng P7, Xpeng Motors ushered in the release of its third mass-produced car, launching a new model Xpeng Motors P5. With the theme of “Intelligent Evolution, Intelligence Beyond What You See”, this conference once again emphasized Xiaopeng Motors’ focus on leading the intelligentization of automobiles.

The new Xpeng P5 is positioned between the existing Xpeng G3 and Xpeng P7, and is a pure electric sedan. In appearance, it follows the fast-back design of Xiaopeng P7, with a small duck tail integrally formed on the top of the tail box, and the most popular through-type front and tail lights, which has a very dynamic coupe design. In addition to the unique model design, it is worth mentioning that the Xiaopeng P5 will be released 3 days earlier than the ARCFOX Alpha S equipped with Huawei HI, becoming the world’s first mass-produced model equipped with lidar.

beautiful, it’s really beautiful

At the conference site, in addition to car intelligence, a “23-hour intelligent third space” was also highlighted in the main theme. Liao Qinghong, vice president of sales and chief marketing officer of Xiaopeng Motors, explained that looking back on the development of mankind, any great product is “people-oriented” and respects the trend of historical development. For example, from functional machines to smart machines, it is the same in the field of travel. How to feel the interests of young people and solve the pain points of young people. That is to open up a mobile and intelligent third space outside the home space and work space. This is a leisure space for personal entertainment and an intimate space for families, bringing people a safer and more pleasant mobile space enjoyment.

24 hours a day, but why a 23 hour mobile smart space? Liao Qinghong said that the definition of 23 hours is that in any time period other than personal bathing and sports, Xiaopeng P5 can become the carrier of personal mobile space, such as work and leisure, rest during travel, watching football at night, Movie time and so on.

In terms of appearance, the Xiaopeng P5 inherits the style of the Xiaopeng P7, but unlike the past, the Xpeng P5 adopts an X-shaped design in the design of the headlights, which is very similar to the Xiaopeng logo, and is fully recognizable and original. The official said that it adopts the X ROBOT FACE modeling concept; inside, the in-vehicle console adopts a star-track encircling cockpit design, which is simple and coherent as a whole, highlighting a feeling of home. In the design of the rear seats, extra-wide aviation headrests are used, which are more soft and comfortable.

In the central control part, Xiaopeng P5 adopts an independent LCD instrument panel, and the central control touch screen uses the same oblique touch screen of Mercedes-Benz’s new S-class; the roof is equipped with a large panoramic sunroof, and the overhead view will appear larger. , wider and brighter, and the sunshade design does not appear dazzling, which further improves the interior comfort of Xiaopeng P5; in the trunk, the car has a large space design, with 26 storage spaces in the car and a trunk space. Up to 450L.

At the meeting, Zhao Li, chief designer of Xiaopeng Motors, further introduced the two service modes provided by Xiaopeng P5: the first is “private cinema”, the front seats in the car can be completely folded, and the rear seats can be completely folded. Seamless combination, equipped with projector, refrigerator, fragrance, in theater mode, the car changes to theater mode in seconds, you can experience a more comfortable movie viewing experience than a movie theater while lying in the cockpit; the second is sleep mode, which provides inflatable The soft air mattress is originally designed to match the interior space of the car, and the windows on all sides are also equipped with sunshades to enhance privacy.

In terms of body size, the body size of the Xpeng P5 is slightly smaller than that of the Xpeng P7. Its car length is 4808mm, the wheelbase is 2768mm, and the rear legroom is 167mm.

Expensive and it makes sense

As we all know, among the “Yu Sanjia” of new car manufacturers in China, NIO mainly focuses on electric vehicles in the high-end luxury field, and directly targets BBA and other giants; Ideal focuses on extended-range vehicles and focuses on cruising range; while Xiaopeng Motors focuses on vehicle intelligence and value for money. The new Xpeng P5 released this time directly replaced the fog light areas on both sides with two lidars, which made automotive technology enthusiasts definitely shine.

Liao Qinghong mentioned that “intelligent driving” and “intelligent interaction” are two important basic components of intelligence. In this part, Xiaopeng P5 mainly focuses on intelligent hardware and intelligent software.

Regarding the “hardware part”, the vehicle-grade lidars on the Xpeng P5 car are custom-made by Livox, a subsidiary of DJI. Compared with conventional radars, they increase the detection range to 150 meters, horizontal 120° FOV, and front side. The dual-stage arrangement increases the field of view to 150°, with a point cloud density of 144 lines, an angular resolution of up to 0.16°, and a refresh rate of 20Hz in the central area.

To explain in human words, simply put, compared with ordinary radar, lidar has better capabilities in terms of accuracy, detection distance, detection range, and anti-interference, which can make Xiaopeng P5 “myopia” all at once. With “the level of vision for recruiting”, the “seeing” is farther, wider and more accurate, the response speed is more sensitive and fast, and the safety can be guaranteed accordingly.

Wu Xinzhou, vice president of Xpeng Motors, said that the Xpeng P5 officially entered the era of XPILOT 3.5, expanding the high-speed scene that only accounts for 10% of the driving time to the urban scene that accounts for 90% of the driving time. , identify the drivable range, identify small target objects, identify detourable areas, and allow automatic navigation-assisted driving to drive closer to the user’s daily life.

Xpeng Motors has the world’s best NGP (Navigation Guided Pilot), that is, automatic navigation assisted driving. NGP is based on the navigation route set by the user, and realizes automatic navigation assisted driving from point A to point B. Wu Xinzhou said bluntly that the goal of XPILOT (autonomous driving) is to always be the first in the world.

In addition to the above two lidar technology blessings in front of the Xpeng P5 car fog lights, the Xpeng P5 also continues the P7 configuration, with 32 sensors + 1 set of high-precision positioning units (GNSS + IMU). Among them, there are 14 cameras, 5 millimeter-wave radars, 12 ultrasonic sensors, RTK+IMU centimeter-level positioning, NVIDIA Xavier computing platform and Bosch iBooster brake booster system, and advanced driver assistance maps.

Regarding the “software part”, the Xpeng P5 is equipped with an interactive cockpit with the Xmart OS3.0 system as the core, which has higher computing power and a smoother vehicle system. Ji Yu, vice president of Xiaopeng Motors, said that intelligent interaction will continue to change with the development of autonomous driving technology. Xiaopeng P5 realizes the interaction of human-machine co-driving, and the human and the car drive the car together, thereby realizing true intelligent driving. .

Xiaopeng P5 realizes full-scene voice interaction, complex needs and simple solutions. From self-developed application support to third-party application access, Xiaopeng P5 has a wealth of application scenarios, such as intelligent driving with internal voice, which can be driven together with the built-in intelligent assistant just by moving your mouth; it can be linked with other hardware externally, For example, by controlling access to customized DJI drones, you can realize intelligent interconnection with the large screen of the car and machine, control the intelligent flight of the drone through voice or large screen, and shoot and browse images at any time.

Secondly, Xiaopeng P5 also has a full-scene digital ID, which realizes the upgrade of digital keys. It is reported that the current success rate of Xpeng P5 unlocking has reached 8 9s, that is, 99.999999% safety and reliability, so that the car has a digital identity. For example, when the car is lent out, two accounts are stored for data storage. The personal data of the car owner will not be shared with the person who borrowed the car, and the movie viewing data and driving habits data retained in the car will not change, so don’t worry. Personal data security.

All in all, the new Xpeng P5 can be said to be an intelligent car with leapfrog development, and it is also a positive solution for Xpeng Motors to continuously pursue car intelligence. It seems that it is really realizing the evolution of automobiles from mobile travel tools to mobile intelligent spaces. Autonomous driving technology, intelligent voice interaction, built-in functions of life, etc., are all accelerating the iteration of consumers’ cognition of automobiles.

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