Nanxin Semiconductor makes a strong entry into the portable energy storage market

【Introduction】Portable energy storage power supply, also known as outdoor power supply, is a small energy storage device with built-in lithium-ion battery, which can provide a power supply system with stable AC/DC voltage output, with large capacity, high power, safe and portable, etc. Features, its battery capacity is generally 100Wh-2000Wh, equipped with AC input, DC input, AC output, USB / Type-C output and other interfaces, suitable for outdoor travel, outdoor operations, emergency rescue, medical rescue and other scenarios .

In the past, small fuel-fired generators were mainly used for power supply outdoors and in emergency situations, but fuel-fired generators were bulky, operating load, noisy, and polluted the environment by exhaust gas. Therefore, the portable energy storage industry based on lithium battery technology has gradually emerged.

With the popularization of mobile smart terminals such as mobile phones and notebook computers, outdoor life close to nature has also become a trend, and the demand for outdoor electricity is increasing. Power has gradually become an important spare in family life. We can predict that in the post-epidemic era, outdoor activities will rebound in popularity, and outdoor power demand will increase explosively. At the same time, driven by the development of new energy vehicles, the upstream lithium-ion battery industry has matured, and the portable energy storage industry has developed rapidly.

Portable energy storage power sources first emerged in Europe and the United States. In recent years, domestic demand has continued to rise. In line with the national policy route of carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, it is bound to inject new development vitality into the mobile energy storage market.

The system architecture of the portable energy storage power supply is similar to our common power bank, but with larger input and output power, more functions, and higher requirements for safety and reliability. The following figure shows the internal functional architecture of the portable energy storage system, of which the green part is the chip solution that Nanxin semiconductor can provide.

Nanxin Semiconductor makes a strong entry into the portable energy storage market

Several core functional modules of portable mobile energy storage:

● AC/DC conversion

● Buck boost charging

● Buck converter

● Charging protocol

● Lithium battery protection

● External wireless charging

● Sine wave inversion

Nanxin can provide almost all the above solutions except inverter.

Figure: Nanxin Product Line


In recent years, Nanxin has continued to make efforts in the AC-DC power supply chip market, and has launched a number of blockbuster new products. Against the background of chip shortages, it has injected strong impetus into the rapid development of the market. Southchip’s AC/DC products include the newly launched CRM mode PFC controller, high frequency QR controller supporting GaN applications, and synchronous rectification controller supporting multiple modes. Provide a complete set of high-performance solutions, with a variety of star products, such as: SC305x series, SC302x series, SC350x series, SC320x series…

At the 2020 (Winter) USB PD & Type-C Asia Exhibition, Nanxin Semiconductor released its gallium nitride control chip SC3021x series, and developed 5 sets of high-efficiency PD fast charging solutions based on this, officially starting Nanxin’s development in the charger market. way of expansion.

In July 2021, Nanxin launched its first co-packaged gallium nitride control chip SC3050/3056, which attracted great attention from the industry. The chip integrates 450mΩ/650V GaN power devices, with a unique EPAD design, suitable for the development of low-power fast charging.

Immediately afterwards, the 65W co-packaged gallium nitride power chip SC3057 was launched, and the power density reached a new high.

In terms of synchronous rectification controllers, Nanxin Semiconductor has also laid out SC3501, SC3502, SC3053, SC3511, SC3512 and other chips, including independent controllers and two types of control chips with built-in MOS, which are composed of PWM chips on the primary side A complete matrix of AC-DC power chips to meet the differentiated needs of different customers.

The newly introduced SC3201 CRM PFC controller can achieve accurate valley detection without adding auxiliary windings on the Boost Inductor, and has an independent second output voltage overvoltage protection function.

Figure: Nanxin AC/DC Product Tree


Nanxin DC/DC switching power management chip provides various buck, boost and buck-boost DCDC solutions for power conversion. Among them, the synchronous switch control IC (DCDC controller) can directly drive the external MOS, provide the user system with high-efficiency DCDC conversion with wide voltage, high current and high power, and flexibly support various high-voltage and high-power applications; converter), by integrating a low Rdson power MOS, it provides a high-efficiency power conversion solution with high integration, high density, and simplified peripheral devices for the system. Nanxin also provides various switching power supply chips that support input constant current or output constant current control, and provide various types of overvoltage and overcurrent protection to help users reduce the complexity of system design and cover a variety of power supply designs.

Nanxin has launched a variety of DC/DC power management chips including SC8102, SC8112, SC8701, SC8001/2, etc., which are perfectly suitable for multiple scenarios such as vehicle regulations, multi-port wall chargers, adapters, HUBs and industrial applications. Recently, the synchronous buck-boost converter SC8723/SC8724 with integrated Power MOS has been launched, which supports input and output voltages up to 22V. Whether the output voltage is higher, lower or equal to the input voltage, it can provide excellent power efficiency and Voltage regulation, ideal for USB PD, USB-HUB, power bank, adapter and other applications. In industrial power applications, SC8723/SC8724 can also be the best choice to meet the needs.

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Figure: Nanxin Buck DCDC Selection Table

Figure: Nanxin Buck-Boost DCDC Selection Table


Nanxin buck-boost chips can be divided into 1-2 series, 1-3 series, 1-4 series, 2-4 series, 1-6 series and other types according to the number of batteries. The built-in MOS supports a single chip with 24W output. There are layouts for two-way fast charging controllers that support more than 100W of external MOS; and many chips not only support lithium-ion batteries, but also lithium iron phosphate batteries, which can not only meet the current development of 20-100W fast-charging mobile power supplies, but also support Let the outdoor power supply realize high-power two-way fast charging and increase the selling point of the product. Nanxin Buck-Boost chip can be applied to a variety of scenarios, such as: car charging, fast charging power bank, USB hub, multi-port adapter, drone, Bluetooth speaker, outdoor power supply, industrial applications, etc.

Nanxin is the first company in China to launch a synchronous buck-boost controller, and successfully launched the fourth-generation buck-boost controller product SC8885/SC8886 in 2021. Nanxin SC8885/SC8886 is also the first buck-boost charging chip integrated with NVDC path management in China, which can satisfy the charging of 1-4 batteries in notebooks, and integrates related functions that comply with Intel specifications, filling the domestic gap.

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PD Controller

With the rapid development of USB PD and DPDM fast charging technology, fast charging technology has been popularized in all aspects of public life, and multi-port fast charging has become a wind vane leading fast charging technology. Nanxin has launched several PD fast charging protocol control chips, which have won unanimous praise in the industry. For multi-port fast charging, Nanxin recently launched the A+C port single fast charging protocol control chip SC2021A, including one CC and two DPDM fast charging interfaces, supporting Type-C PD3.1, PPS protocol fast charging, two The group DPDM can support FC, FCP, AFC, SCP, VOOC, super VOOC and other DPDM fast charging protocol controllers at the same time, and has been recognized by many certification agencies. The chip is also developing and verifying China’s own integrated fast charging UFCS protocol solution. It must become a boutique product of domestic fast charging protocol products. In addition, Nanxin launched a low-cost SC2150A that only supports single-channel PD3.1, which improved the layout of protocol products.

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Picture: SC2021 DEMO

Battery Protector

For lithium battery protection, Nanxin has released a variety of high-precision protectors for lithium batteries, including SC5550/SC5650. Nanxin single/multi-cell lithium battery protection chip, with ultra-low Rdson, provides overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, short circuit protection and other functions.

SC5550/SC5650 integrates complete battery protection functions, including battery overvoltage protection, battery undervoltage protection, 3-level discharge overcurrent protection, charging overcurrent protection, battery high temperature and low temperature protection during charging and discharging, and chip thermal shutdown protection Wait. The voltage protection delay time can be flexibly set by an external resistor. The chip provides secondary battery overvoltage protection and indication functions, which can be used in conjunction with fuses to improve battery safety. In addition, SC5550/SC56500 also integrates CTRC/CTRD control pins to support cascading applications, up to 6-10 battery applications, the chip only needs to consume a small quiescent current under normal working conditions, when the battery voltage is lower than the voltage When the protection threshold is reached, it automatically enters the sleep state, further reducing the standby current and ensuring a longer battery storage time.

Figure: SC5550 DEMO

Wireless Charger

High integration has always been the goal of wireless charging chips. Especially in the transmitter accessories market, the demand for refinement and simplicity of terminal products has put forward higher and higher requirements for the integration of chips. From the first-generation transmitter power stage products to the second-generation MCU+Power stage fully integrated products, Nanxin Semiconductor has been committed to the wireless charging market, Nanxin wireless charging transmitter analog front-end, with ultra-high integration, including WPC transmitter All analog components required by the device, integrated full-bridge MOSFET, bootstrap circuit, current detection circuit, communication demodulator, linear regulator and protection circuit. Used in conjunction with MCU, it can achieve high-performance wireless power transmission, support EPP and BPP, and provide up to 15W of output power.

With the gradual popularization of the PD/DPDM fast charging protocol, the need to integrate the protocol into the transmitter chip is becoming more and more urgent. Recently, Nanxin has launched the third-generation wireless charging transmitter chip SC9608 and 50W wireless charging RTX chip SC9621. Recognized by the market.

Figure: SC9621 DEMO

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Portable energy storage power supplies belong to the category of industrial products, and those who can enter this market are heavyweight players with strong technical strength and stable and reliable products. From the initial consumer accessories products, to the complete solution of fast charging in mobile phones, as well as the complete solution of portable energy storage, and the wired/wireless charging solution installed in the front of the car, Nanxin has achieved full scene coverage of products, and is bound to become a domestic power supply and battery management solution. The leader of the chip company.

About Nanxin

Nanxin Semiconductor Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-performance domestic semiconductor design company focusing on power supply and battery management. It has charge pump, DCDC, ACDC, wired charging, wireless charging, fast charging protocol, lithium battery protection and other product lines. Based on the core technologies of self-developed buck-boost charging, charge pump and GaN direct drive, a number of star products have been launched, which have been widely recognized in the industry.

Nanxin can provide a complete solution of end-to-end fast charging from AC to battery, covering the entire range of 10W to 200W. Among them, the charge pump high-power fast charging series products took the lead in breaking the foreign monopoly, passed the rigorous certification of many well-known domestic brand mobile phone manufacturers, and achieved large-scale and stable mass production; DC/DC products have achieved fruitful results in the industrial market. Achievements; wireless/wired charging products have also passed the certification of vehicle regulations and entered the domestic automobile pre-installation market.

Nanxin has a strong R&D and system team, an independent quality control team, and a sales and support team close to customers, escorting high-quality product development and design. Nanxin has also been widely recognized and supported by upstream and downstream industry chains and capital: OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, SMIC Juyuan, Shanghai Integrated Circuit Industry Fund, Sequoia Capital, etc. have successively become shareholders, helping the company to continue and grow rapidly and Reliable supply guarantee.

Nanxin products have appeared frequently in the products of well-known domestic and foreign brands such as Honor, OPPO, vivo, Xiaomi, Lenovo, Samsung, DJI, Anker, Zimi, etc., and helped many products enter the Apple Store, proving that Nanxin products are in the market. Many advantages in performance, quality and cost. Nanxin adheres to the corporate culture of continuous improvement and innovation, and is committed to providing customers with high-performance, high-quality and high-economical system solutions.

Nanxin, born for efficiency.

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