Huawei wants to launch 4G mobile phones next year, can it be turned over?

After the release of Huawei’s MATE 40 series, the launch of Huawei’s new 5G phones will begin to slow down. Once the Kirin 900 and the inventory in hand are used up, where will Huawei go next? Just recently, some new news came out on the Internet, indicating that Huawei is ready to rely on 4G to make a comeback. Is this possible?

Huawei wants to launch 4G mobile phones next year, can it be turned over?

Data from the third quarter shows that in the once-hottest European market, Huawei has become the only mobile phone brand with negative growth among the top five. Among them, Xiaomi and OPPO have a very terrifying growth momentum. Basically, the share that Huawei lost in Europe was divided up by Xiaomi and OPPO.

In addition, foreign media also gave a relatively high degree of economic development in Western Europe data. Huawei also fell 58.7%. Samsung and Apple have not changed relatively much, and Xiaomi and OPPO also have an increase of over 100%.

It can be seen that under the influence of the ban, Huawei’s decline in overseas markets is still relatively serious. But what we want to say is that 4G is still a mainstream in the global market at present. In addition, Qualcomm has obtained a supply license for Huawei’s 4G chips. Next, Huawei will continue to fight in overseas markets by relying on 4G mobile phones.

Sources from the supply chain show that Huawei has begun placing orders with some manufacturers in Taiwan. It is expected that related products will be listed in the first half of next year, and the fastest is the first quarter of next year.

According to an interview with China Business News, Huawei’s internal employees said that the current 4G chip can solve the problem of mobile phones and tablets in most overseas regions, so that the main overseas channels can be maintained, the team and fire can be retained, and the future opportunity to turnaround can be waited for. “At present, Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America are still 4G markets, and some regions only provide 4G networks, and 4G products are still competitive.”

With the supply of 4G chips, it also provides some hope for Huawei. But how much share Huawei can grab is still unknown.

At present, only Qualcomm’s 4G chips can be purchased, and Google’s GMS service is still unavailable, which limits Huawei’s user range. As for how long the 4G fire can last for Huawei, we will continue to pay attention to the follow-up trend. If you want to get more technical information, come and follow us!

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