5G has just officially hit the road, and the International Telecommunication Union has officially launched 6G research

5G has just officially hit the road, and 6G cannot wait. Previously, many institutions, operators, and enterprises have announced the launch of 6G research work, in order to occupy the commanding heights in advance.

At the 34th International Telecommunication Union Radiocommunication Sector 5D Working Group (ITU-R WP5D) meeting held in Geneva, Switzerland, the research work for 2030 and the future was officially launched, and 6G is the core part of it.

The meeting formed a preliminary 6G research schedule, including important planning nodes such as future technology trend research reports and future technology vision proposals.

ITU plans to complete the “Future Technology Trend Report” in June 2022, which will describe in detail the technical evolution direction of the IMT international mobile communication system after 5G, including IMT evolution technology, high spectral efficiency technology and deployment.

In the first half of 2021, IT will start the future technology vision proposal, which is planned to be completed in June 2023, which includes the overall goals of the IMT system for 2030 and the future, such as application scenarios, main system capabilities, etc.

However, at present, the ITU has not yet determined the development plan of the 6G standard.

ITU officially launches 6G research: preliminary timetable finalized

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