Enterprise SSD purchase capacity has risen, and it is estimated that the price increase will exceed 10% in the third quarter

TrendForce said that since the second quarter of this year, thanks to the rise in server shipments, enterprise SSD purchases have also grown in parallel. Among them, the proportion of data center shipments with 8TB capacity has grown the most, and it is estimated that this growth trend will continue into the third quarter. However, limited by the tight wafer foundry capacity, SSD-related components may be in short supply.

Therefore, TrendForce raised the quarterly increase of enterprise SSD contract prices in the third quarter to 10-15% from the original estimate of 5-10%.


TrendForce further pointed out that the strong demand for enterprise SSDs in the third quarter was mainly due to the end of the inventory adjustment of North American data center customers, the continuous expansion of storage capacity, and the increase in information budgets of government agencies and small and medium-sized enterprises around the world for servers and other related information , so that the order volume rebounded quarter by quarter. In addition, with the mass production of new generation Intel (Intel) and AMD (AMD) new platforms, the demand for data computing and storage has increased, and the SSD capacity has shifted to 4/8TB, enabling data center customers to increase capacity density by increasing capacity density. to optimize construction costs.

Samsung ranks first in enterprise SSD supply and will dominate product pricing

From the perspective of various suppliers, in the face of the fact that some parts and components may be in short supply, only Samsung (Samsung) is expected to expand the market share of its enterprise SSD products, mainly because the proportion of Samsung’s self-made parts is better than that of other suppliers, so SSD Supply elasticity is high. In terms of the number of shipped bits, Samsung’s supply share in North American data centers is expected to exceed 50% in the third quarter, which will further consolidate its price leadership.

However, Intel still has production bottlenecks due to insufficient supply of PMICs, coupled with the tendency to take orders for QLC products, the market share of TLC product demand is doubtful; Accounts have increased as customers gradually import products, but there is still a gap with Samsung.

As for the PC client SSD, the current demand for notebook computers continues to be strong, but the supply of SSD controller ICs is still tight. TrendForce expects that the contract price of client SSD will continue to rise slightly in the third quarter, with a quarterly increase of about 3%. ~8%. However, the transfer rate of the original manufacturing process has not slowed down because of this. 176-layer products will still be available in the third quarter, and upstream supply bits will also increase quarter by quarter.


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