Apple’s return to the top of Fortune’s profit list is due to the iPhone 12!

On June 2, Fortune Chinese and English websites simultaneously released the 2021 Fortune 500 list. Among them, Apple’s revenue rose 5.5%, ranking third, second only to Wal-Mart and Amazon. And Wal-Mart has also topped the list for nine consecutive years, with extraordinary strength.

According to the list data, Apple has returned to the top of the profit list with a net profit of 57.411 billion US dollars, becoming the most profitable company in the United States in 2021. Thanks to the hot sales of new products in the iPhone 12 series, Apple’s profit increased by 3.9% compared to the previous year.

Apple’s return to the top of Fortune’s profit list is due to the iPhone 12!

Microsoft’s net profit also rose 12.8% to $44.281 billion, ranking second. Nine of the top 10 companies are in the technology and finance industries, so this is also considered the most lucrative industry right now.

The “Fortune” list also announced some interesting information: Tesla’s revenue rose 28.3%, and its ranking rose 24 places to temporarily occupy the 100th place; AMD’s ranking rose 139 places to temporarily occupy the 309th place, becoming the company with the largest jump. Affected by the epidemic, U.S. energy companies lost a total of $51 billion last year, and the hotel and airline industries were hit hard.

Apple’s ability to make money is really top-notch, not only returning to the top of the profit list, but also surpassing Microsoft by a huge advantage of 12 billion US dollars. Even though Microsoft’s profit grew 12.8% last year, it’s still a far cry from Apple.

Yang Haisong, vice president of Huawei’s consumer business software department, once mentioned that although Apple’s mobile phone has only 13% of the smartphone market share, it has taken nearly 66% of market profits. Counterpoint also analyzed the material cost of the iPhone and believed that a 128GB iPhone 12 cost about 2,800 yuan, but the price was as high as 6,299 yuan, and the profit was as high as 56%.

The iPhone 12 series released last year was very popular around the world, brought huge sales growth and revenue growth, and indeed contributed a lot of profits to Apple. But Xiaolei believes that Apple’s real money-making products should be accessories.

On Apple’s official website, a 20W charger costs 149 yuan, and a 1-meter original data cable costs 145 yuan. Similar products on Taobao and may sell for less than 50 yuan, and the profits are ridiculously high. A while ago, Apple released the AirTag tracker, because the fuselage does not have a hole, so you must buy a buckle to use it. The price of the most common keychain ring on Apple’s official website is 279 yuan, which is more expensive than the price of AirTag itself.

Not only that, the price of watch straps and mobile phone cases launched by Apple’s official website is even more exaggerated, and some products co-branded by Hermes are simply not affordable for ordinary people. It can be considered that almost all Apple products can achieve a profit of 50% or higher. The brand premium is too serious, and it seems to be well understood that it can become the most profitable company in the United States.

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