From new infrastructure to 5G, CIOE Information and Communication Exhibition covers the entire communication industry chain

SHENZHEN, Jan. 28, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — At the beginning of 2020, a sudden new crown epidemic ravaged the world, bringing severe tests to people all over the world, but also making people more clearly aware of the importance of connectivity technology. In 2021, the 23rd China International Optoelectronic Expo will be held in the same period of CIOE Information and Communication Exhibition in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center (Bao’an New Hall) from September 1st to 3rd. As a large-scale and influential communication industry exhibition in the Asia-Pacific region, 2021 In 2019, CIOE will continue to keep up with industry hotspots, focus on new infrastructure, 5G and other keywords, comprehensively Display the entire information and communication industry chain, and build an efficient communication platform for communication companies and downstream applications.

The 2021 CIOE Information and Communication Exhibition will be grandly opened from September 1st to 3rd

Over 90% of exhibitors’ satisfaction has been maintained over the past 23 years, expressing the exhibitors’ trust in the CIOE brand. As early as the last exhibition site, this year’s booth reservation work has been very hot, and 70% of the booth reservations have been completed. Many well-known in the communication industry Enterprises will lead the exhibition, and this year CIOE will not live up to the expectations of exhibitors. It will continue to innovate and further complete the information and communication industry chain. With three major highlights as the core, it will further enhance the added value of exhibitors.

Highlight 1: Complete information and communication industry chain, focusing on displaying optical chips, optical modules, optical fiber cables and system equipment, etc., gathering well-known enterprises in the industry; at the same time, further subdividing the exhibition area to achieve fine division of exhibition halls, Hall 10 – Integrated Wiring Hall , Hall 12 – Communication Device Module Hall, Hall 14 – Communication System Equipment Hall, the exhibits cover: optical communication chips and materials, optical communication devices and modules, optical fiber cables / optical fiber sensing systems, optical test instruments, optical communication System equipment, production system equipment, radio and television communication equipment, cloud data center, wireless communication, operation and service, etc., some exhibitors: ADI, AOI, ADAMANT, ANRITSU, Bandwidth 10, ColorChip, Credo, DENSELIGHT, E-Globaledge, HAMAMATSU, HERMETIC, IQE, Inphi Corporation, INSIGA, IRIDIAN, KEYSIGHT, MACOM, MRSI, OFS, PIC ECOSYSTEM, SANTEC, SENKO, SCHOTT AG, SUSS MICROOPTICS SA, SiFotonics, SEMICONDUCTORS, TECDIA, US CONEC, VIAVI, Wooriro, YOKOGAWA TEST & MEASUREMENT , InnoLight, Hisense, Accetron, HiSilicon, Cambridge, New Eosun, Onner, Haiguang Xinchuang, Dekeli, Xunte, Liante, Huatuo, Bochuang, Youbochuang, Taichenguang, Hengbao Tong, Yifeiyang, Futai Technology, Huaxun Guangtong, Yusheng, Yuanjie, Xinsijie, Minxin, Qixin, Henan Shijia, Institute of Microelectronics of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Sanan Integration, Zhongke Optical Core, United Microelectronics, Yixinyuan, Suna Optoelectronics, Huaxin semiconductor, Huaxin Cree, Yuanxin, Quanlei Optoelectronics, Chongqing Sound Optoelectronics, Zonghui, Feiang Communication, Changrui Optoelectronics, Mixin Technology; Xiamen Youxun, Qianmu Laser, Zhuhai Guangku, Dalian Canglong, Zhongtian Communication, Yongding, Tefa, Yaxintong, Shenlian Communication, Yangan, Zhongxingxindi, Guangwei, Longte Communication, Kyushu Optoelectronics, Yilutong, Tian Fu, Liaoning Youxun, Sanyou, Guoren Technology, Chaozhou Third Ring, Feiyu, Xundacom, Dongyongsheng, Sanshiyuan, Tianyi Kanghe, Yute, Infore, Yiyuantong, Aierchuang, Zhaolong Interconnection, Pulse, Dimension, CLP Instruments, Deli Instruments, Julian, Xingqihang, Ennaki, Derui Precision, Radium God, Xinbao Instruments, Yaoye, Chipmap Semiconductor

*The above are some exhibitors, ranking in no particular order

Highlight 2: Share the high-quality resources of the 6 exhibitions in the same period of CIOE China Optical Expo, and gather 95,000 high-quality visitors; as early as 2017, CIOE divided the application industry of optoelectronic technology into nine application fields, of which the audience in the field of optical communication information processing and storage accounted for 36.81 %, the exhibition site will gather many professional buyers in the communication industry to serve the data center and telecommunications market in an all-round way, and specially invite operators, data center service providers, equipment vendors, Internet of Things, cloud computing, mobile Internet and other industries to represent enterprises to expand The organization scope of professional buyers creates a better business atmosphere for the exhibition, helps exhibitors expand new business, develop new markets at home and abroad, and increase investment returns. At the same time, in the early stage of the exhibition, CIOE will use the finely divided millions of databases to help exhibitors carry out accurate brand promotion and exposure throughout the year, so as to maximize the value of the exhibition;

Highlight 3: Over 70+ conference forums in the same period, specially invited industry representatives will share on topics in the communication industry; such as: 5G optical transmission network, optical access network, data center, optoelectronic integration technology, etc., and will also cooperate with French authoritative consulting agencies. yole jointly held an international forum to discuss topics such as silicon photonics, so that industry professionals can understand the development trend of international advanced technology without going abroad. In addition, a series of “light + application” conference forums will be held at the exhibition site , focusing on 5G+ARVR, 5G+AI and other topics, in-depth application and development of communication technology in various industries.

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