Xiangteng accelerates HKM9000 graphics processor verification and multi-field application promotion

After the successful tape-out of the graphics processing unit (GPU) HKM9000 chip independently designed and developed by Xiangteng Company in April 2020, the team has actively explored the visualization application requirements of many units in the fields of aviation, aerospace, weapons, etc., and stepped up application verification. Continue to improve the software and hardware ecology and application solutions, actively cooperate with users to carry out application scenario adaptation, and quickly achieve market expansion and promotion in multiple fields.

Xiangteng accelerates HKM9000 graphics processor verification and multi-field application promotion

While accelerating application verification, the team has been persistent in tackling key problems in different fields, customers and application scenarios. HKM9000 has been successfully adapted to various domestic processors such as Xiangteng’s HKSP6101, Loongson 2K, Feiteng FT2000-4 and PPC8245, PPC8270, P2010 , T1020 and other imported processors, adapted to Tianmai 1, Vxwork5.5/6.8/6.9 and other operating systems, as well as freetype fonts, MinGUI, OGLX middleware and graphics engines such as SCADE, IDATA, 3D MAX, etc. Domestic graphics processor software and hardware application solution system. At present, the HKM9000 chip has carried out joint debugging and user trials in more than ten units, and has developed more than 30 visual scenarios.

As the core and basic chip of human-computer interaction and Display systems, GPU chips are widely used in many fields such as airborne cockpits, manned aerospace, vehicle cockpits, and industrial control. Based on the advantage of being able to provide users with the source code of all process software and hardware design, HKM9000 has already received orders from many units in the sample stage.

Oriented by market expansion, Xiangteng insists on providing users with a complete software and hardware ecology and service guarantee. The team will further step up the adaptation of Tianmai 2, Tianmai 3 and other software ecosystems, and increase the market development and large-scale application of HKM9000 chips. Actively promote the market-oriented development of the company’s self-developed graphics processors.

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