OPPO Find X2 rendering exposure: surprises are more than three-shot high-magnification zoom

OPPO Find X2 will be unveiled at MWC2020. As the release time is getting closer, more and more news has been exposed on the Internet. The front glass of Find X2 has been exposed before. The front camera design uses a full-screen full-screen with ultra-small aperture.

OPPO Find X2 rendering exposure: surprises are more than three-shot high-magnification zoom

According to the parameter information previously exposed by OPPO Vice President Shen Yiren, it not only has a high refresh rate of 120Hz, but also has 240Hz sampling, 2K resolution, video frame insertion chip, SDR to HDR and maximum 1200nit brightness plus 100% DCI-P3 screen Display effect.

Three-camera design

After the first two waves of news were exposed, many netizens on the Internet are looking forward to more information exposure in the future, and just recently, the well-known exposure media Slashlea exposed the rendering of OPPO Find X2 on the Internet. It sparked a discussion among netizens.

From the rendering, it can be seen that the left digging hole design is used on the front of the mobile phone, which is consistent with the news exposed on the Internet. It seems that the OPPO Find X2 cancels the use of the lifting camera solution with a very high degree of credibility.

The most anticipated is the rear camera configuration of OPPO Find X2. Although the specific configuration of the camera cannot be known from the rendering alone, we can also make some guesses about it. It can be seen that the back of the phone adopts a vertical design and has three cameras, so it is a fact that the OPPO Find X2 is equipped with three cameras.

Image configuration

According to the consistent lens configuration, it can be speculated that these three lenses should be a telephoto + wide-angle + ultra-wide-angle configuration, and the zoom factor may reach 10 times. For a long time, shooting farther is the demand of many consumers, and the 10x optical zoom can meet the usage scenarios of most consumers, covering everything from wide-angle to telephoto.

Next to the camera is a flash, a sensor, and this may be a color temperature sensor. The addition of the color temperature sensor should be to maintain the consistency of the white balance, which means that when we switch the three cameras, we can get a more uniform and accurate picture style.

And Shen Yiren also released news on the Internet before that OPPO Find X2 will be equipped with Sony’s customized outsole sensor, which has better focusing performance, and this sensor has a greater improvement in imaging technology than the previous generation sensor IMX586, so OPPO Find X2 The night zoom ability of the camera will be improved, and the multi-frame synthesis technology of shooting at night is expected.


According to the information guided by Shen Yiren on Weibo, OPPO Find X2, the Find X2 screen will be the top screen level throughout this year. It feels clear and smooth to use, and the 2K+120Hz screen makes people look forward to it.

The screenshots leaked online also show that OPPO Find X2 is equipped with a super-sensing image quality engine, combined with software algorithms, to achieve video frame insertion to 120 frames. When the mobile phone plays some low frame rate videos, the video frame insertion technology can allow the content to be optimized to a higher frame through the algorithm, so as to achieve a smoother visual effect of watching the video. At the same time, the addition of SDR to HDR technology can make the video more vivid and clearer.

Combined with the hardware information and appearance renderings exposed above, combined with previous revelations, OPPO Find X2 will be equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 flagship 5G processor, support dual-mode 5G, support 65W Super VOOC super fast charge, and the three just speculated. Shoot high zoom. It seems that the newly launched OPPO Find X2 may be priced at 6,000 yuan, but with OPPO’s consistently excellent design and hardware configuration, we are eager to try it.

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