The latest exposure of the iPhone 12 price: do you regret holding the iPhone 11?

In the past two weeks, there has been a lot of talk about Apple’s latest iPhone SE2. There were still many brainless trolls who questioned the release time of the new iPhone SE, and now they should have slapped their faces and shut up quietly.

I believe that Apple fans who have continued to pay attention to Mingmei Infinite should all understand that Mingmei Infinite, like the majority of fruit fans, has always been thinking about Apple’s new flagship new iPhone this year, which is iPhone 12.

So, today, I will continue to insist on sharing the latest things about Apple’s iPhone 12 with many fans who pay attention to Mingmei.

The latest exposure of the iPhone 12 price: do you regret holding the iPhone 11?

This is not the news on April 25. According to foreign media reports, the four iPhone 12 models that Apple will release this year will all support 5G networks. The cheapest of them will use a 5.4-inch screen and sell for $600 to $700. between.
The report mentions that the iPhone 11, which starts at $699, has been a huge success for Apple, especially compared to some of its competitors, including the Pixel 4 and the newly released Galaxy S20 series. Sales of the iPhone 11 are even more promising.

It is worth mentioning that iPhone OLED screen supply chain analysts said that the cheap iPhone 12 may use OLED screens made by Chinese Display maker BOE. The company, which has long sought to win iPhone contracts, is expected to join Samsung and LG as suppliers of OLED screens for iPhone handsets.

Another UBI Research analyst and industry insider Chung-Hoon Lee said that the price of the iPhone 12 with a 5.4-inch screen may be between $600 and $700 because BOE can offer a better price for the screen. The 6.1-inch iPhone 12 will be the direct successor to the iPhone 11, and the phone is expected to sell for as much as $750.

In addition, Apple will launch two Pro models this year, including the 6.1-inch iPhone 12 Pro and the 6.7-inch iPhone 12 Pro Max, which are likely to be priced the same as their predecessors, respectively. Starting at $999 and $1099.

In addition, in terms of performance, the hardware configuration of the iPhone 12 may usher in epic enhancements. In addition to the built-in Qualcomm X55 5G baseband in the entire system, which supports dual-mode 5G networks, it also comes standard with a 5nm A14 Bionic processor, which is stronger than all chips currently on the market. .

In terms of battery, the 4150mA battery plus the upgraded 18W wired fast charging, the battery life is appropriate, and the wireless and reverse charging functions are even more powerful.

In terms of camera, it is currently known that two iPhone 12 series are equipped with rear dual cameras, and two iPhone 12 Pro series are equipped with three cameras + LiDAR lidar scanner.

There are not too many revelations about the camera function, and interested friends can wait for the follow-up of the big guys.

It is foreseeable that Android phones now generally belong to high-pixel products. In order to keep up with the times, Apple will inevitably increase the pixels of the iPhone 12.

In addition, in terms of selling price, Mingmei Infinite believes that the original price will not be maintained and will continue to rise. There are three reasons, the first is that it supports 5G, the second is a more eye-catching appearance, and the third is that the hardware configuration has indeed improved.

Do not believe? How about the 4G, super-large frame, 720P LCD screen, and dual-camera Phone11?

Finally, regarding the iPhone 12, Ming-Chi Kuo said that the 6.1/5.4-inch iPhone 12 has the opportunity to be mass-produced in September, but the iPhone 12 that supports millimeter waves faces the risk of delay. Ming-Chi Kuo said the delay in the millimeter-wave iPhone 12 was because the AiP (Antenna in package) design of the device changed in early April, and the relevant test labs had also suspended verification services.

In this regard, if you have anything to say about the latest exposure of Apple’s iPhone 12, please leave a message in the comment area and let Mingmei participate in the discussion together!

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