ASUS VZ229HE Monitor, Power Your Gaming World

The ASUS brand has always been one of the focuses of people’s attention, so in this article, the editor will bring you relevant reports on the ASUS VZ229HE monitor. If you want to learn more about it, keep reading.


ASUS VZ229HE is the cheapest monitor recommended this time. It uses a 21.5-inch, 1920*1080 resolution and IPS wide viewing angle panel. It is specially certified by the German TüV Rheinland laboratory, with reliable quality, with no flickering and blue light filtering functions, and four different filter adjustments are provided.

ASUS VZ229HE has a slim and elegant body, the thinnest part is only 7mm, coupled with the metal wire drawing process frame, it is quite high-grade, and it is not easy to become a fingerprint collector. Its round bracket design is very beautiful, and it is quite stylish to place on the desktop. For users who love games, this monitor also supports GamePlus game assistant shortcut buttons. ASUS’ exclusive GamePlus feature provides both timer and sight functions, which can effectively help players win more in the game world.

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