Rohde & Schwarz TS8980 RF Conformance Test System Significantly Improves 5G Terminal Certification Capabilities

Rohde & Schwarz has submitted 572 and 215 RF conformance use cases for certification at the Global Conformance Certification Forum (GCF) and the North American PCS Type Certification Board (PTCRB), and the R&S 5G FR1 RF conformance test system TS8980 FTA -3A meets the certification access standard (CEC) in both GCF and PTCRB, and the TS8980 system can be widely used in 5G terminal certification testing.

The terminal certification test is very important for the mobile communication industry. Meeting the GCF and PTCRB certification tests can ensure the consistency of the terminal equipment running in various network environments. With the deployment of 5G Non-Standalone (NSA) and Standalone (SA), new frequency bands and frequency band combinations are emerging and requiring certification testing. The R&S®TS8980 FTA-3A system has met the requirements of TPAC (Test Platform Approval Criteria) in 23 working groups of GCF, and can be used for certification and testing of terminal equipment.

The R&S®TS8980 supports RF conformance systems for GSM, WCDMA, LTE and 5G, and cooperates with R&S®CONTEST, a software tool from R&D testing to certification testing, to provide high-efficiency, high-precision and reproducible test results. At the same time, when used with the R&S®CMX500 wireless communication tester, the R&S®TS8980 provides a smooth upgrade path to support 5G testing for users who already have an earlier version of the solution. TS8980 is a family of RF conformance systems widely used in the industry, and is the only RF conformance test system in the industry that supports all mobile communication technologies from 2G to 5G in a single system.

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