HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit Xiamen Station Held a Variety of New Harmony Ecological Products

With the development of science and technology, terminal devices equipped with various intelligent technologies have begun to enter thousands of households, hoping to bring more comfortable daily life experience with intelligent functions. However, after many users are looking forward to configuring a full set of smart devices for themselves, they are troubled by complex distribution network operations, communication barriers between devices, and unfriendly UI interfaces, and do not enjoy the convenience brought by smart technology. The “intelligence” expected by users often fails to play.

On June 17th, the second stop of the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit was held in Xiamen. A variety of new Harmony Eco-devices appeared in the exhibition area. These devices can easily wake up intelligence with a single touch, bringing a refreshing full-scene smart life experience. .

HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit Xiamen Station Held a Variety of New Harmony Ecological Products

A touch to wake up the device’s intelligence, a variety of Hongmeng ecological new products are unveiled

Since Huawei officially announced on May 18 that the two brands of “Works with HUAWEI HiLink” and “Powered by HarmonyOS” will be fully upgraded to “HarmonyOS Connect”, HarmonyOS Connect has been working with partners to build a circle of friends for smart hardware ecological products. Help partners make products, sell products, operate products well, and achieve business success.

For consumers, HarmonyOS Connect hardware products can be integrated at the system level and become part of the hyperterminal. Through the capabilities of minimalist network distribution, universal card, minimalist interaction, and hardware mutual assistance, it can easily wake up device intelligence and effectively solve the problem. Due to the low utilization rate of intelligent features of devices and other problems, it can realize fast and low-cost connection of devices, and bring consumers a simple, smooth, continuous, safe and reliable full-scene interactive experience.

A new HarmonyOS Connect exhibition area has been set up at the Xiamen Station of the HarmonyOS Connect Partner Summit, displaying a variety of HarmonyOS Ecosystems from Midea, Supor, Joyoung, Fangtai, iFLYTEK, Hanyin, Shuhua and many other manufacturers in cooperation with Huawei. New products, covering all scenarios and categories such as smart home, smart office, sports health, education care, etc.

In the smart home scenario, smart kitchen appliances can form a smart home super terminal together with mobile phones and other devices. With a single touch of the mobile phone, Midea steaming and cooking stoves, Supor chef cooking machines, and Fangtai smart steamers can be called All-purpose card, select recipes for one-click cooking, Joyoung Soymilk Maker recommends drinks based on health data, Midea refrigerator intelligently changes temperature based on the freshness of ingredients. Get through, and intelligently recommend recipes and other operations based on home environment, health data, living habits, etc., take care of your family’s health, and make home equipment your “caring butler”.

In sports and health scenarios, Shuhua treadmills can be combined with mobile phones, smart watches, wristbands, running wizards, smart speakers and other equipment to form a sports and health super terminal. During exercise, smart watches, bracelets, running wizards and other devices monitor and record heart rate and other exercise data in real time, and give exercise analysis reports and personalized improvement suggestions after exercise, becoming your “personal trainer”; in smart office scenarios, HKUST News Devices such as Feifei voice recorder and Hanyin printer can form a smart office super terminal together with mobile phones and other HarmonyOS Connect office equipment. With just a touch, the iFLYTEK voice recorder can transcribe and synchronously translate meeting recordings in real time. The printer can be configured with a simple network, one-click printing, and jointly incarnate your “office assistant”.

It is reported that many new products in the above exhibition areas have been launched in the HarmonyOS Connect area of ​​Huawei Mall, and many consumers have already experienced the new smart lifestyle brought by these devices. According to Yang Haisong, Vice President of Huawei’s Consumer Business AI and Smart Full-Scenario Business Department, in his speech, as Huawei’s one-stop shopping channel for HarmonyOS ecological equipment for users, the HarmonyOS Connect section of Huawei Mall has been well received by consumers since its launch. With enthusiastic support, the overall sales of 618 last year were completed in the first three days. At present, the zone has launched a variety of new products including smart home, smart travel, smart office, sports health, audio-visual entertainment, education care and other categories, and more products will be launched in the future.

Hardware ecological construction ushered in “acceleration”, the Internet of Everything is about to become a reality

With the launch of more and more Hongmeng ecological products, the circle of friends of HarmonyOS Connect hardware ecological products is gradually expanding. According to Yang Haisong, since the brand upgrade on May 18, the number of HarmonyOS Connect partners has increased by more than 350 in less than a month, and more than 1,000 hardware partners have joined the HarmonyOS Connect family. The number is still growing.

What makes people even more imaginative is that as more and more partners from all walks of life join HarmonyOS Connect, the capabilities and experience of the entire ecosystem will explode in geometric progression. From living room to kitchen, from housing to driving, from leisure and entertainment to daily work, HarmonyOS Connect smart devices will be used in every aspect of people’s lives. All-scenario smart ecosystem.

“The rapid development of the Internet of Things will bring a historic opportunity for the next industrial revolution. Huawei welcomes all industry partners, manufacturers and developers to build the Hongmeng ecosystem together and embrace the new era of the Internet of Everything.” Yu Chengdong, CEO of Huawei Consumer Business Said at the HarmonyOS 2 launch. It is believed that with the joint efforts of all HarmonyOS Connect partners, the Internet of Everything era will soon become a reality, and consumers will truly experience the seamless and harmonious convenience of life brought by HarmonyOS Connect smart devices.

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