Why does the United States sanction Huawei, and TSMC employees buy houses in batches?

After the United States imposed stricter sanctions on China’s Huawei, it has changed the global semiconductor supply chain in an almost unprecedented way. “Nikkei Asian Review” believes that a large number of orders are pouring into Taiwan, which not only makes TSMC more concerned, but also prosperous The economy and real estate market in Hsinchu, where TSMC is located, have made the local real estate booming.

“Nikkei Asian Review” quoted a local real estate agent in Hsinchu City, where TSMC is located, as saying that the success of TSMC has fueled the real estate buying boom, and revealed that the local construction project has only been launched for 3 days, and the sales have just begun to accept orders before construction has started. empty. A local man in his 40s revealed that everything began to change in June last year, and the surrounding housing prices soared almost immediately.

Generous bonuses for employees pour into housing market

The report pointed out that after the U.S. announced sanctions on Huawei, because Huawei issued a large number of orders to TSMC and snapped up chips, TSMC employees received generous bonuses due to the growing demand. Many people put these bonuses into the purchase of real estate, such as The community near Costco in Hsinchu City, near TSMC’s headquarters, was sold out immediately even though it sold for $1 million, mostly by TSMC employees. Even TSMC’s internal employees revealed that someone bought 20 apartments in one go.

In Texas, after a snowstorm forced Samsung to suspend production at its Texas factory in February, the world has further relied on Taiwanese manufacturers such as TSMC. The report pointed out that Taiwanese semiconductor manufacturers are already operating at the limit of production capacity, and even Liu Deyin, chairman of TSMC, also It has issued a warning calling on global companies not to overestimate the production capacity of Taiwanese chip makers.

The report pointed out that TSMC is currently building a new production base in Tainan, so any shutdown of Taiwanese chip manufacturers may have an impact on the global economy. And TSMC, which is expected to continue to drive change in Taiwan, is preparing to hire 9,000 more employees this year and spend $100 billion in massive investments over three years.


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