Huawei fell out of the top six! Ranking forecast of the top seven manufacturers in 2021

According to the semiconductor Research Office of TrendForce, the global smartphone market in 2020 was hit by the epidemic, and the total production volume for the year was only 1.25 billion, an annual decrease of 11%, the largest decline in history.

The world’s top six brands are ranked in order of Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Xiaomi, OPPO and Vivo. Compared with 2019, the biggest difference occurs in Huawei’s market share. Variety.

  Huawei fell out of the top six! Ranking forecast of the top seven manufacturers in 2021

TrendForce further pointed out that from the beginning of 2021, Honor will be officially split from Huawei.

From two perspectives, the establishment of the new Honor has enabled the Honor brand that has been in operation for many years to survive. However, it remains to be seen whether consumers will still pay the bill after Huawei’s halo has faded. On the other hand, if the subsequent ban on Huawei is lifted, it will compete with the new Honor, and it will be difficult for Huawei to return to its former market share.


Looking forward to 2021, the global smartphone industry is expected to recover with the increasingly stable lifestyle. Through periodic replacement demand and demand support from emerging markets, it is estimated that the total annual production volume will grow to 1.36 billion , with an annual growth rate of 9%.

From the brand ranking point of view, Huawei’s annual production performance was affected by the ban and the new glory split event, and the ranking dropped to seventh. Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and Transsion, the above six will cover nearly 80% of the global market share. However, due to the uncertainty of the epidemic and the international situation, coupled with the shortage of foundry capacity, there are still variables in the future direction of the industry.

The penetration rate of 5G mobile phones will rise to 37% in 2021, and the production performance is still limited by the shortage of foundry capacity

In 2020, driven by the active promotion of 5G commercialization by the Chinese government, the total production of 5G smartphones in the whole year will reach approximately 240 million units, with a penetration rate of 19%. Among them, Chinese brands account for about 60% of the market.

In 2021, the market will continue to focus on the topic of 5G. As countries gradually resume 5G construction, mobile processor manufacturers have also launched mid-to-low-end 5G chips. It is estimated that the total production of 5G smartphones in the world will be about 500 million, and the penetration rate will increase rapidly. to 37%.

It is worth noting that based on the optimistic assumption that the epidemic is expected to ease, the shipments of various terminal products in 2021, including servers, smartphones, and laptops, will increase compared to 2020. Taking smartphones as an example, such as PMIC, CIS, etc., according to product demand, the usage of a single machine has increased exponentially; and recently, the foundry manufacturer SMIC (SMIC) has been included in the entity control list again, which will lead to the current Round foundry capacity is even more scarce.

TrendForce said that regardless of the recent high expectations of mobile phone manufacturers for 2021, or the expansion of production targets to capture more semiconductor supply resources, it may lead to repeated orders for some components.

Once the actual sales are not as good as expected or the bottleneck material situation is not resolved, resulting in a widening gap between long and short material inventories, etc., it may lead to brand factories to carry out component inventory adjustments between the second and third quarters of 2021. The kinetic energy will then weaken. Even so, TrendForce predicts that the overall wafer foundry capacity utilization rate will still be at a level of over 90%.

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