Dahua was awarded the “National Industrial Design Center”

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology announced the list of the fifth batch of national industrial design centers. Dahua Industrial Design Center was successfully recognized by virtue of its leading design innovation capability in the field of smart IoT and highly meeting the development needs of the industry, and was awarded the honorary title of “National Industrial Design Center”.


Dahua was awarded the “National Industrial Design Center”

Dahua was awarded the “National Industrial Design Center”

A national industrial design center is an enterprise industrial design center or industrial design enterprise recognized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology that has strong industrial design innovation capability, distinctive features, standardized management, outstanding performance, and a nationally advanced level of development. lead and lead. Dahua’s national-level accreditation this time fully reflects the recognition and affirmation of Dahua’s strength in industrial design, independent innovation, ingenuity and quality from all walks of life, and will actively promote the process of industrial design deeply empowering the development of the industry.

Industrial design is an important guide and a key breakthrough for the high-quality development of enterprises. Dahua Industrial Design Center (established in 2011), with basic research and innovative design as the core, continuously strengthens the industrial design industry capability, actively carries out the whole-system industrial design work from creative research to engineering realization, and improves the industrial design innovation system. Support the rapid development of enterprises; at the same time, carry out basic research in various disciplines around innovative research and development, intelligence, “five easy”, human-machine and other directions, continue to improve the level of industrial design, and build more than 500 acres of Dahua Smart Internet of Things Industrial Park, Accelerate the transformation efficiency of industrial design achievements, meet domestic and international market demands, and realize industrial upgrading and new benefits.


Industrial Design Award Works (Part)

At present, Dahua Industrial Design Center has formed a professional echelon structure, with profound independent innovation and design capabilities. Since its establishment, Dahua has won 22 international highest industrial design awards (IF and Reddot) and 14 domestic heavyweight design awards, making positive contributions to the process of promoting Chinese manufacturing and Chinese brands to the world.

In the future, Dahua Industrial Design Center will continue to carry out industrial technology innovation and industry practice innovation around the needs of customers, make every effort to forge core capabilities such as advanced technology and green environmental protection, build a leading industrial design innovation system, and comprehensively improve the appearance, aesthetics and craftsmanship of products. Texture, interactive experience, improve user satisfaction. At the same time, based on the strategy of “Dahua Think# Cloud Connecting Everything and Digital Intelligence Future”, the industrial design achievements are integrated into all aspects of social development and people’s lives, so as to better serve the sustainable, green and high-quality development of the economy and society.

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