Austrian Microelectronics and NXP’s First Product Validation Reference Solution for Embedded Consumer Applications

NXP Semiconductors NV, a designer and manufacturer of high-performance analog integrated circuits (ICs), a leading provider of Austrian microelectronics and RFID solutions, announced today that the first joint product validation reference solution for embedded consumer applications has been The research and development was successful. The reference design uses Austria Microelectronics AS399x series UHF RFID reader chips and NXP UCODE G2iL series products, which is the industry’s lowest power consumption, lowest cost, lowest complexity and highest integration, and is second to none in the world.

This new reference solution is best suited for applications such as consumable verification, such as vacuum cleaner bags, water filters and beverage concentrates, where product quality and consumer safety are required. Through this RFID function, equipment manufacturers can warn users of health and safety risks, as well as the risk of failure when using consumables from informal channels. Once the user ignores such reminders and voluntarily uses consumables of unknown or substandard quality, the device manufacturer may opt out of the device warranty.

NXP and Austria Microelectronics have joined forces to create a one-stop turnkey solution for such applications because the two companies have complementary product and technical advantages, and both have more than 20 years of experience in the RFID industry. With these advantages, the two companies have worked together to create a total solution for consumer product verification, a top-quality RFID system.

In addition to being low-power and low-complexity, these verification systems require very little external code loading, making them easy to control by a host controller or using a low-end controller. NXP’s G2iL and G2iL+ products not only feature password protection, privacy commands, and tamper resistance, they also feature extremely high chip sensitivity, enabling high read reliability for even the smallest tags. In addition, many applications that were previously out of reach due to cost constraints are now possible thanks to Austrian Microelectronics’ UHF RFID reader system that supports the second-generation EPC standard and minimizes the reader’s BOM cost.

Mr. Kambiz Dawoodi, General Manager of Consumer and Communication at Austria Microelectronics, said: “For embedded applications in consumer products, cost and performance considerations make us the only right choice in the market today. Working together with NXP means that we also have the same Able to provide a solution with the most competitive tag chips in the market.”

Chris Feige, general manager of NXP’s Labeling and Verification Business Unit, added: “By combining NXP’s technical expertise in the R&D Support Center for RFID Application Systems with the power of Austromicro’s UHF readers, the cost, performance and physical Space requirements are very demanding, and brand manufacturers will also have a one-stop solution partner for them to embed RFID systems into consumer products. And RFID-validated consumer products will ultimately increase their profits as well , brand and user protection benefits.”

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