Operation Arctic Lynx will demonstrate a range of climate-resistant cutting-edge satellite communications technologies

According to the Space Daily website, from June 11 to June 26, 2021, Iridium Communications will conduct Operation Arctic Lynx (OAL), a series of field exercises involving cutting-edge satellite technologies involving 20 Multiple organizations, mainly concentrated above 60 degrees north latitude, extending as far as 82 degrees north latitude.

A range of international organizations, including existing Iridium customers, will participate in OAL, such as the U.S. Department of Defense, U.S. federal agencies, Alaska state and local organizations, Canadian government organizations, scientific research organizations, and multiple aerospace industry companies.

Iridium remains the only commercial satellite communications company with true global coverage, providing reliable Arctic communications. During the OAL, a series of climate-resistant cutting-edge satellite communication technologies from Iridium and Iridium Interconnect will be deployed through a combination of in-base, on-the-fly, on-the-go, and remote environmental applications, including climate-resistant broadband technology ( Iridium Certus), Iridium Push-to-Talk (PTT), a variety of unattended sensors with tracking, environmental monitoring, remote control, and data and image transmission management functions, ultra-high-speed real-time global real-time command and control of drones and autonomous vehicles Line-of-sight capability (Iridium Global Line of SightSM), as well as in-vehicle solutions and demonstrations of cutting-edge features such as L-band live mobile 1080 HD video.

Operation Arctic Lynx will demonstrate a range of climate-resistant cutting-edge satellite communications technologies

OAL will conduct exercises that provide real-time interoperability, communication-in-motion, command-and-control capabilities, and establish and maintain a common operational picture in harsh polar regions. As part of the operation, multiple lines of voice, data and video real-time communications exercises will be conducted in parked and on-the-go modes, starting in Uchegavik, Alaska (located at 71 degrees north latitude).

One of these lines of communication will be located at about 82 degrees north latitude, the Canadian Forces Alert Station in Nunavut, Canada. The site has deployed Iridium Certus technology via Thales MissionLINK 700 terminals to ensure reliable communications.

Other lines of communication include, but are not limited to, U.S. Antarctic Station at 90°S, McMurdo Station, Antarctica, Colorado Springs, FL, Melbourne, FL, Taylor, TX, Chandler, AZ, Leith, VA Fort, Oslo and London.

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