Samsung Electronics spends another $8 billion to build a chip foundry production line

On May 21, Samsung Electronics announced that it will invest $8 billion in South Korea to build a chip foundry production line to produce high-end processor chips that can be applied to 5G, artificial intelligence and high-speed computing.

According to Korean media reports, Samsung Electronics’ new chip foundry production line will be built in the Pyeongtaek Industrial Park in Gyeonggi-do. The new production line will be dedicated to wafer foundry production for extreme ultraviolet lithography technology. With extreme ultraviolet light technology, Samsung is trying to hit the first throne of the global foundry of system chips.

Some analysts believe that Samsung Electronics’ profits now rely heavily on the chip business, which has been in decline since the end of 2018, as demand from smartphone makers and data service providers has declined, affecting chip sales.

Although the current global epidemic situation is not optimistic, it still cannot prevent Samsung Electronics from vigorously developing its semiconductor business around the world. Samsung Electronics’ memory chip plant in Xi’an, China, will also continue to expand.

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