Drawing the Future of Optical Networks, VIAVI Debuts at the 22nd China Optical Network Seminar

[Introduction]VIAVI Solutions (NASDAQ: VIAV) recently participated in the 22nd China Optical Network Seminar with a number of industry-leading optical network and optical communication test solutions. This seminar focuses on the cutting-edge technologies and innovative products of optical communication under the trend of cloud-network integration, and discusses the opportunities and challenges faced by the domestic optical communication field. During the conference, Sha Huijun, Technical Director of VIAVI Greater China, shared with experts and scholars on the topic of “All-Optical Network and Next-Generation Optical Transport Network” “Integrated Efficient Coherent Pluggable (400G ZR (+)) Network and Interface Testing” and certification” keynote speech to jointly draw a picture of the future development of optical networks.

Drawing the Future of Optical Networks, VIAVI Debuts at the 22nd China Optical Network Seminar

The growth of communications and cloud networks is driving the pace of vendor upgrades. With the rapid development of data centers and 5G, the deployment of 400G pluggable coherent modules is becoming more and more extensive, and 400G optical modules are more and more important for data center speed improvement. The continuous advancement of optical fiber laying also puts forward higher requirements for network qualification. Accurate certification can help improve operational efficiency and save costs. With the right certification, service providers can identify potential issues and address them in a timely manner, avoiding disruption to the customer experience and reducing additional costs for future troubleshooting and maintenance.

Sha Huijun, Technical Director of VIAVI Greater China, said: “VIAVI closely follows the development of communication technology and is committed to helping customers solve problems and meet their needs during the process of development, preparation for development, and mass production. VIAVI has worked hard in this field, Empowering the entire industry chain to provide leading optical network test solutions to ensure that operators and their partners can successfully complete deployments and achieve a sustainable network life cycle.”

VIAVI is committed to continuously expanding product capabilities, and now offers a wide range of 400G and above test solutions for development and system verification, coherent optical communication testing, and field applications. At this seminar, VIAVI brought a comprehensive optical network and optical communication test solutions, some of the exhibits include:

● ONT-804 Optical Network Tester: It is a high-performance laboratory and production test for high-speed networks, a multi-protocol, multi-port test platform that can be deeply configured, suitable for the research and development of optical transmission ICs, modules and systems and systems check.

● OneAdvisor 800: This all-in-one network installation and maintenance testing tool is designed to simplify the evolving network testing needs of service providers, data centers, field technicians and contractors when deploying, training and maintaining a variety of wired and wireless networks. Its modular design allows network technicians to easily switch between multiple test scenarios including transport protocols, fiber optics or wireless RF signals.

● MAP-300: A third-generation optical test and measurement system optimized for the development and manufacture of compact and affordable optical communication technology products. The MAP system is the heart of VIAVI’s optical test solutions for laboratory and manufacturing applications. The solution has excellent scalability to meet users’ current and future needs.

● FiberComplete PRO™: is a suite of fiber testing and certification capabilities that enables field technicians to quickly, reliably and cost-effectively perform bidirectional certification and troubleshooting of any fiber optic link. One fiber connection and one keystroke, and fiber acceptance testing is done the first time.


VIAVI (NASDAQ: VIAV) is a global provider of communications network testing services, monitoring and assurance solutions to operators, enterprises, network equipment manufacturers, civil, government, military and avionics customers. By providing automated, intelligent and visualized instruments, we help our customers take control of their networks and win the future. VIAVI is also a leader in high performance thin film optical coatings, providing lightweight management solutions for 3D perception, anti-counterfeiting, and covering the consumer electronics, industrial, automotive, military and instrumentation markets. For more information about VIAVI, please visit https://www.viavisolutions.com/en-us.

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