Microsoft to provide trackpad and mouse support for apps like Word for iPad

iPad versions of Word, Excel and PowerPoint will support trackpad and mouse

Sina Digital News May 9 morning news, according to foreign media macrumors report, Microsoft plans to add support for the trackpad and mouse to the iPad version of Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications by the fall, and may also appear in some other independent Microsoft has yet to share details on specific plans for the version of the Office app.

Apple introduced trackpad and mouse support in iPadOS 13.4, and Apple introduced a Magic Keyboard specifically for the iPad Pro, and Logitech also has a keyboard case with a trackpad. When using the trackpad, the cursor appears as a circle on the screen and only pops up when the user places a finger on the trackpad. Circles morph into various other shapes when you hover over app icons, text fields, or other on-screen elements.

Microsoft released the unified Office apps earlier this year, and the new Office app combines Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and other apps into one app, though Microsoft still plans to keep single Word, Excel, and PowerPoint apps on iOS, and it’s likely Cursor support will be provided in both the main Office app and these standalone versions.

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