Kia Motors to equip Kia K5 with Kakao i voice recognition system

Today, Kia Motors held a media test drive of the third-generation Kia K5 at the Walkerhill parking lot in Seoul, South Korea. During the test drive, reporters can communicate with the car’s built-in voice assistant simply by pressing a button with a face printed in the car. It is understood that this is a voice-activated recognition system jointly created by Kia K5 and Kakao, a well-known social platform in South Korea.

  Kia Motors to equip Kia K5 with Kakao i voice recognition system

Kia K5

According to the actual situation at the scene, there are still some small problems in the system. For example, when the user feels that the temperature inside the car is high, the command to “open the passenger’s window” will be immediately responded, and “too hot” will be issued. There will be no change to the command. That said, the system still can’t understand more human needs, and it’s not “smart” enough yet.


Kakao Talk

In this regard, the project manager of Kakao said that at present, the system has no problem with intuitive commands. If you want to associate voice-controlled commands with the car response execution module, more time and funds are needed for research and development. Based on the current situation, it is estimated that it will take one to two years to upgrade the artificial intelligence voice recognition system on Hyundai Kia cars to the level of Kakao Mini. Kakao Mini is an artificial intelligence speaker equipped with “Kakao i”. In addition, Kim Byung Hak, vice president of Kakao, said that the Kia K5 will be equipped with a Kakao i engine and a high-level voice recognition system.

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