Dalian Daquanding Group launched a smart lighting + audio integrated solution based on CSR Bluetooth technology

On September 16, 2015, the leading semiconductor components distributor in the Asia-Pacific market, Dalian General Holdings, announced that its subsidiary Quanding launched a smart lighting and audio integrated solution based on CSR Bluetooth technology. In this solution, the CSR Bluetooth® Smart solution – CSR Mesh is used as the system networking technology, and then connected to the Bluetooth lighting + audio integrated machine based on CSR TWS (True Wireless), which can realize smart phone APP, A variety of control methods such as touch sensing and buttons.

Figure 1 – The architecture of the smart lighting + audio integrated solution based on CSR Bluetooth technology launched by Dalian Daquanding

In a modern home environment, light and music are integral to creating a comfortable environment. This time, Dalian Daquanding organically combines the two to launch this cross-border intelligent solution: providing adjustable multi-color and multi-level brightness lighting; music is rich in low frequency, clear and transparent in mid and high frequency, and balanced and full in three frequencies ; In addition to having functions such as hands-free calling and timing alarms, it will continue to expand through its applications.

Figure 2 – The application scenario diagram of the intelligent lighting + audio integrated solution based on CSR Bluetooth technology launched by Dalian Daquanding

In order to achieve low power consumption and high stability of the system, Dalian University Quanding specially selected CSR’s Bluetooth Mesh and TWS technologies and products:

The CSR Mesh protocol uses Bluetooth Smart technology to transmit signals to other networked Bluetooth Smart devices, which transmit the received signal back. Signals can be transmitted individually to a single device or to multiple devices simultaneously, or even to different devices belonging to multiple groups. Its control functions are available via standard Bluetooth Smart-equipped home appliances such as light switches or most smartphones or tablets on the market. For application in the smart home environment, CSR has pre-integrated the Bluetooth configuration and control protocol into the CSR1010 chip, and performs complex installation, pairing, or using an access device like a router to ensure an excellent user experience.

True Wireless is based on CSR’s popular BlueCore5-multimedia platform and can be used in devices including stereo headphones and speakers to work with any A2DP device currently on the market. This solution of Dalian Daquanding is developed based on the TWS Bluetooth 4.0 version. Connect the main speaker through the mobile phone, and then connect the slave speaker wirelessly through Bluetooth to achieve true Bluetooth left and right channel wireless separation. When the slave speakers are not connected, the master speakers return to a single stereo. No lag, good sound quality. CSRA64215 integrates ultra-low-power DSP, application processor, high-performance stereo decoding, power management subsystem and LED driver. It is a single-chip Bluetooth audio ROM solution, which is used in the design of high-end, high-quality Bluetooth stereo products. Development platform .

Figure 3 – Photo of the development board of the smart lighting + audio integrated solution based on CSR Bluetooth technology launched by Dalian Daquanding

Function description:

Ÿ Bluetooth protocol: MESH networking, lighting control, profile mode, music playback (A2DP), streaming media control (AVRCP), hands-free calling (HFP).

Ÿ Realize functions: power on/off, volume control, pause/play, previous song, next song, incoming call answering, incoming call transfer, reject incoming call, last digit redial, hang up, etc.

Ÿ Additional functions: UART data communication, battery Display on iphone, caller ID, call echo cancellation (CVC) APT-X audio format.

Main features:

Ÿ Use CSR1010 low-power Bluetooth chip for connection control, support Mesh networking, and support up to 6000 lights at the same time.

Ÿ Bluetooth left and right channels are wirelessly separated.

Ÿ As an atmosphere light, it is soft and not dazzling, and it can be controlled by mobile phone and can be adjusted steplessly at will.

Ÿ Built-in sensor chip, the light can be turned on by tapping with your hand.

There is a more detailed introduction to the system in the Internet of Things section of the Dalian University (iot.wpgo2o.com). You can also log in to the Internet of Things section by following the Dalianda WeChat platform for more information.

About Dalian University:

Dalian General Holdings is the world’s first semiconductor component distributor with a leading market share in the Asia-Pacific region. Its headquarter is located in Taipei (TSE: 3702). It owns Shiping, Pinjia, Quanding and Youshang, with nearly 6,000 employees. There are more than 250 agent product suppliers, more than 120 distribution bases around the world (about 70 in the Asia-Pacific region), and the turnover in 2014 reached 14.9 billion US dollars (self-settlement). (*Market ranking is based on data published by Gartner)

Dalian General Holdings creates an industry holding platform, continuously optimizes front-end marketing and logistics support teams, acts as a professional partner in the industrial supply chain, and provides Demand Creation, Turnkey Solution, technical support, warehousing logistics and IC E-commerce and other value-added services to meet the needs of different customers such as original equipment manufacturers (OEM), original design manufacturers (ODM), Electronic manufacturing service providers (EMS) and small and medium-sized enterprises. With internationalized operation scale and localized sales channels, it has been deeply involved in the Asia-Pacific market for a long time, and has been selected as the “Best IC Distributor in Asia” by professional media for consecutive years.

In order to improve the localized service quality of the General Assembly and meet the differentiated needs of customers in the Greater China region, the six major areas of services provided by the General Assembly (China) include Chinese-based (China-Based Manufacturers), Taiwanese (Taiwan-Based Manufacturers) ), foreign (Electronic Manufacturing Service), Japanese (Japan-Based Manufacturers), Korean (Korea-Based Manufacturers) and Hong Kong (HongKong-Based Manufacturers) customers. In addition to providing customers with the best turnkey solutions (Turnkey Solution), Dalian University has set up a dedicated small-quantity service team (SQS, Small Quantity Service) to meet customers’ needs for small-batch device procurement. Dalian University has established Dalian University Commerce and Trade, Dalian University Commerce and Trade (Shenzhen) and Dalian University Electronics (Hong Kong) in the Mainland and Hong Kong respectively. With the corporate vision of “Industry First Choice, Access Benchmark”, it fully implements “Team, Integrity, “Professionalism and Efficiency” as the core values, and achieve mutual benefit and win-win results for suppliers, customers and shareholders with professional services.

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