Intel’s Optane SSDs are retreating from the consumer market

Intel (Intel) has made strategic adjustments to its Optane SSD product line.

According to foreign media reports, Intel will no longer provide consumer-grade Optane SSDs in the future, which means that this product will be fully withdrawn from personal computers (desktops, laptops, etc.). Intel’s statement said that in the future, Optane SSD will focus on the enterprise market. As for the consumer market, there is still Optane Memory H2.

Foreign media Tom’s Hardware reported that Intel will gradually discontinue the production of consumer-grade Optane SSDs. Its models include Optane Memory M10, 800P, 900P and 905P SSDs, all of which belong to the first generation of Optane storage products, and the final shipping date is this year. February 26.

The report pointed out that Intel said it will not provide new high-capacity Optane Memory SSDs for segmented user markets, however, consumers can still benefit from Optane-based solutions, such as the Intel Optane Memory H20, because this product is aimed at mobile consumers.

It is reported that Intel launched a new generation of Optane Memory H20 at the end of last year to meet the needs of the next generation of thin and light notebook computers and other platforms with limited space. Intel provides H20 as high performance and storage space. By combining Intel Optane Memory and Intel QLC 3D NAND, consumers will be able to transfer data through PCIe speed, speed up PC search and find files with breakthrough response speed, and make it easier to find files. Fast execution of applications.

In other words, Intel’s Optane SSD product line will no longer introduce new products in the consumer market in the future, and will withdraw from personal computers; the future consumer market will be dominated by Optane Memory H20. In the future, Optane SSD will focus on the enterprise market. At the end of last year, Intel also launched a new generation of Intel Optane SSD P5800X, which provides more than 3 times the performance compared to the previous generation, opening up an important niche market in the field of data center storage.

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