STMicroelectronics Introduces Flexible and Robust VIPer Controller to Simplify Smart Device Power Design

China, April 7, 2020 – STMicroelectronics’ VIPer222 controller for high-voltage power converters up to 8W is small, low-cost, and fully functional for home appliances, building automation equipment, smart lighting and Smart meter and other applications.

VIPer222 integrates functions such as error amplifier, current sense MOSFET and high voltage start-up circuit, and can be used in many mainstream converter topologies, including non-galvanically isolated flyback converter; primary side regulated or secondary side regulated voltage with optocoupler Isolated flyback converters; buck converters and buck-boost converters.

VIPer222 is the first product in ST’s highly integrated controller family to integrate a 730V avalanche-resistant power stage to ensure excellent controller reliability. In addition, it also integrates short circuit protection, thermal protection, pulse skip protection, soft start-up, and burst-mode management circuitry for improved light-load efficiency.

In order to minimize the number of external components and simplify the design of the converter, the new controller also integrates many other features, such as a wide operating voltage (VCC) of 4.5V-30V, no matter how much output voltage is required, it can be easily Solve the controller power supply problem. 30V DC low start-up voltage allows wide-voltage input, and facilitates the controller to start at low input voltage. Light-load power consumption is less than 40mW, making it easier for application design to meet energy-saving design requirements. PWM control with frequency dithering can use smaller input filters.

The VIPer222 is in production now in a 5mm x 4mm SSOP10 package.

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