Changdian Technology debuted at the 2021 World Semiconductor Conference, and advanced packaging leads the manufacture of finished chips

June 9, 2021, Shanghai, China – On June 9, the 2021 World semiconductor Conference with the theme of “innovation and change, win-win with ‘core’” was grandly opened at the Nanjing International Expo Center. Changdian Technology, the world’s leading integrated circuit manufacturing and technical service provider, made a wonderful appearance at booth C01 in Hall 4, focusing on its advanced chip manufacturing technology service solutions for smart life applications. Mr. Zheng Li, CEO of Changdian Technology, was invited to attend the summit forum at the opening ceremony of the conference and delivered a keynote speech, sharing the technological innovation breakthroughs and achievements of Changdian Technology with industry partners, and discussing the future development of the industry.

In the post-Moore era, the accelerated popularization of emerging technologies and applications such as 5G, artificial intelligence, and the Internet of Things has put forward higher requirements for chip performance, integration, and support for customization, and the manufacturing technology of finished chips has also undergone fundamental changes. , that is, it has gradually evolved from the previous “sealing” and “packaging” to an advanced packaging and testing feature based on “dense” and “interconnection”, which has become an indispensable technical support to promote the sustained and rapid development of the integrated circuit industry. The industrial value of chip finished product manufacturing is upgraded. In his speech titled “Breakthrough in Advanced Chip Manufacturing Technology in the Post-Moore Era”, Mr. Zheng Li, Chief Executive Officer of Changjiang Electronics Technology, pointed out that the advanced heterogeneous integration technology in the post-Moore era has shined brightly, and Changdian Technology XDFOI™ integrates the core technology Flexible implementation of heterogeneous integration to shift gears and speed up on the technical track. He also emphasized that the trend of industrial upgrading from advanced packaging to chip product manufacturing is becoming more and more obvious. Collaborative design can optimize the integration of chip product integration and testing, and greatly improve efficiency. Changdian Technology will continue to improve its innovation strength and technical service capabilities and promote development of the entire industry.

Changdian Technology debuted at the 2021 World Semiconductor Conference, and advanced packaging leads the manufacture of finished chips

Mr. Zheng Li, CEO of Changdian Technology, delivered a keynote speech

For a long time, Changjiang Electronics Technology has continuously increased R&D investment and innovation, built its own differentiated competitiveness, and insisted on establishing good cooperative relations with the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain to jointly build a harmonious and win-win industrial ecosystem. The “Design Service Center” and “Automotive Electronics Business Center” established by Changjiang Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. fully reflect Changdian Technology’s pursuit and contribution to collaborative innovation and the common prosperity of the entire industry chain. The two business centers will rely on the industry experience and resources accumulated by Changdian Technology for many years, and work with industry partners to provide customers with seamless and efficient full life cycle technical service support.

This year’s World Semiconductor Conference, with the theme of “providing advanced and reliable integrated circuit device manufacturing technology and services for smart life”, Changdian Technology’s booth focused on four applications in 5G communication, automotive electronics, high-performance computing and storage. Packaging technologies such as system-in-package (SiP), wafer-level packaging (WLP), and flip-chip in large-scale applications demonstrate the strength of Changdian Technology to empower innovative applications by relying on rich technology accumulation and forward-looking technology layout.

2021 World Semiconductor Conference Changdian Technology booth

Booth Highlights:

5G communication: SiP, FOWLP technology for baseband chips, SiP and fcCSP technology for RF chips, and fcBGA and HD FOWLP technology for communication infrastructure.

· Automotive electronics: fcCSP and FOWLP technology used in driverless technology, QFN/FC and QFN/DFN technology used in new energy vehicles, and QFN/DFN and fcBGA technology used in in-vehicle entertainment.

· High-performance computing: mainly used in artificial intelligence chips and fcCSP and fcBGA technologies in blockchain.

· High-end storage: Focus on multi-chip stacked FBGA and SiP technology for flash memory and eMCP and uMCP technology for mobile memory (Flash+DRAM).

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