Yunqi Conference, Inspur Ali joins hands to create a new ecosystem without shadows

Recently, the Yunqi Conference organized by Alibaba Group was officially held. The theme of the conference focused on “Frontier, Exploration, Imagination”, and discussed cutting-edge technology topics and industrial digital content such as cloud native, big data, AI, and the Internet of Things. In this Yunqi Conference, Inspur, as one of the 13 outstanding representatives in various fields that Alibaba has united, jointly released the Wuying Industry Ecological Plan with Alibaba, and jointly built an ecological chain based on the new generation of Wuying architecture, so that Wuying can live in Provide customers with consistent experience and services in all fields of China, and continue to discuss the future development direction of Wuying products.

“Wuying” is an open cloud network architecture explored by Alibaba Cloud. Currently, it has launched a variety of cloud computer solutions that support flexible forms such as cloud desktops and cloud applications. Wang Hongli, Senior Vice President of Inspur Group, said: “Inspur is an important computing platform for Alibaba. Based on the Inspur JDM model, we will work with Alibaba Cloud to explore and realize a new definition of digital office in new scenarios, and help customers develop rapidly.”


Yunqi Conference, Inspur Ali joins hands to create a new ecosystem without shadows

The rise of one-stop cloud office and the explosive growth of data

In Europe and the United States and other countries, the cloud computer business has been fully developed, and users can get rid of the limitations of hardware such as chips and hard disks, meet the needs of unlimited performance expansion, and deal with high-performance needs such as animation rendering without pressure. According to IDC research, Chinese enterprises generally use traditional PCs, and the penetration rate of cloud computer business is relatively low.

Alibaba Cloud is currently the world’s top three and China’s No. 1 cloud computing provider, with a hyperscale data center. With the rapid development of Wuying business, the demand for computing power of cloud computer applications will continue to expand, and the data center is also accelerating the integration with cloud computing business, gradually forming a new type of data for the cloud era with full ecology, high elasticity, and fast operation and maintenance. center. In the context of the gradual popularization of the cloudless computer business, data processing and storage are all completed in the cloud, posing new challenges to the underlying infrastructure. Businesses processed by cloud computing include 8K ultra-high-definition video editing, cloud gaming, and high-definition video playback. In the future, many types of complex services are expected to generate a huge amount of data of tens of PB every day, which requires servers to provide stronger concurrent processing capabilities and more cost-effective data storage solutions.

Inspur JDM helps to provide faster and better customized services for Wuying

In the context of the new ecology of Wuying Cloud Computer, it is necessary to accelerate the cloud-integrated solution. The computing power support of the super-large data center, the cloud computer terminal, and the 5G communication switching equipment must be combined to form an overall ecological solution. Among them, the computing power support of ultra-large data centers requires more targeted customized solutions for specific scenarios of Wuying Cloud Computer. Inspur innovatively proposes the JDM business model, which realizes the tight coupling of computing power supply and demand.

Based on JDM’s joint R&D and innovative business model, Inspur can quickly gain insight into customer needs, provide agile R&D and supply services, and practically add customer needs to the development chain, implement them into practical applications, and realize the transformation from standardization to customization. The R&D cycle can be shortened by up to 50%, and the delivery cycle can be shortened by 40%, providing faster and better customized services for Wuying.

At present, the new generation of infrastructure centered on cloud computing is driving the development of many new types of business. In combination with the future development trend of cloud computing business, Inspur and Alibaba will further explore the development direction of infrastructure based on shadowless architecture, and through more customization The implementation of the computing power infrastructure will connect the upstream and downstream of the cloud computer industry, strengthen product innovation, and promote the continuous development of Wuying’s new ecology.

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