Real hammer!BYD teamed up with Huawei to open the recruitment of “Hongmeng Development Engineer” positions

On June 11, the 2021 Yabuli China Entrepreneur Forum “Chinese Business Mind” was held. During the period, Wang Chuanfu proudly said that we manufacture many mobile phones, and most of Huawei’s mobile phones are made by us. This made netizens fry.

Some netizens said that BYD made its debut as an OEM. It used to be in Shenzhen and was Foxconn’s biggest competitor, and it made cars later. Some netizens said that BYD not only OEM batteries, back covers, etc., but also improved the problem that the metal middle frame back cover affects the signal, and even involved the military industry.

There was a remark last year, “What Huawei needs, BYD can build.” There were rumors that Huawei and BYD cooperated to develop Kirin chips, but this was quickly denied.

In fact, the relationship between Huawei and BYD goes far beyond that. Even in the future, BYD’s cars will have the appearance of the Hongmeng operating system.

A few days ago, a picture uploaded by a netizen shows that on the recruitment website, BYD has opened the recruitment position of “Hongmeng Application Development Engineer”.

Responsibilities: Responsible for the company’s Hongmeng application development; complete software function implementation according to project progress and requirements; responsible for code maintenance, bug modification and performance experience optimization.

Entry requirements: proficient in java language, and good coding standards; familiar with common architecture MVC MVP; familiar with organization and plug-in technology; ; Have the ability to learn quickly and dynamically, and adapt to changes.

And this may also mean that BYD Auto’s car technology system will also be simultaneously connected to Huawei’s Hongmeng system, which must be expected by many “Di fans” friends.

According to previous introductions, the HarmonyOS 2 operating system is the world’s first microkernel-based full-scene distributed OS, with advantages such as distributed architecture, natural smoothness, kernel security and ecological mutual sharing. Whether it is a mobile phone, tablet or watch, car, IoT and other devices, only one system can be connected.

Nowadays, the two brands, BYD and Huawei, have a high voice in the hearts of the people. They are basically the two representative brands of “the light of domestic products”. People naturally hope that these two big companies can cooperate sincerely to enhance the manufacturing capacity of our family and technology level.

People speculate that BYD Auto will also be simultaneously connected to Huawei’s Hongmeng system. Although BYD did not cheer for Huawei and Hongmeng with great fanfare, but through various details, the origin of these two companies is definitely not ordinary.

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