Yang Yuanqing, please answer: How does Lenovo mobile phone turn over in the domestic market?

As we all know, in recent years, Lenovo mobile phones have been an extremely embarrassing existence in the domestic market. This is not only related to the lack of goodness in the product itself, but also is inseparable from the adjustment of the development route brought about by frequent coaching changes. In the final analysis, the low status of the domestic mobile phone market in Lenovo is the root of the problem.

Yang Yuanqing, please answer: How does Lenovo mobile phone turn over in the domestic market?

Let’s take a look at the latest statement by Yang Yuanqing, the head of Lenovo. He said that Lenovo’s mobile business focuses on profitable markets. In the past two or three years, it has mainly been in North America and Latin America, which has played a certain role in improving profitability. “We are prioritizing mobile profitability improvement rather than expansion.”

It is not difficult to see that the Chinese market is neither the core market nor the first priority for expansion. To put it bluntly, it does not pay enough attention. It is no wonder that Lenovo mobile phones continue to decline in the domestic market, and it is no wonder that Chang Cheng will leave in frustration. The strange thing is that Lenovo’s support for the development of the mobile business in the domestic market is not as strong as before, and Yang Yuanqing still has high hopes for it, causing Lenovo’s mobile phone to fall into an embarrassing situation.

In January of this year, Yang Yuanqing said in an interview with the media during CES that Lenovo will never give up emerging markets, including China and India. As long as it does a good job of innovative products, Lenovo has the confidence to turn around. However, he neither elaborated on how Lenovo’s mobile phone will turn around in the Chinese market, nor did he give a specific deadline. It was really unconvincing that he only shouted slogans without specific action strategies.

In fact, this is not the first time Yang Yuanqing has emphasized that Lenovo’s mobile phone needs to make a comeback in the Chinese market.

As early as 4 years ago, also during CES, he revealed that Lenovo had sorted out and clarified the future strategic direction of the mobile business. “From the perspective of sales growth, Lenovo will first focus on emerging markets outside of China, which have brought rapid growth to Lenovo’s mobile phone business in recent quarters. At the same time, we will also strive to make breakthroughs in mature markets this year. Fight a turnaround in China.”

But it backfired. In 2016, Lenovo Mobile did not successfully turn around in the domestic market. On the contrary, the organizational structure of the mobile business underwent another major adjustment. Now, four years later, the environment in which Lenovo’s mobile phone is located is even more unfavorable to itself, because the domestic mobile phone market shipments have declined for three consecutive years, the Matthew effect has intensified, and the living space of small and medium players has been severely compressed.

In other words, it is more difficult for Lenovo mobile phones to turn around in the domestic market today than it was four years ago. Four years ago, the mobile business was more valued, Chen Xudong + Chang Cheng partnered, and Lenovo Z2 Pro and other good products were launched. Lenovo mobile phones have not yet succeeded in breaking through in the domestic market. Now the mobile business is not valued, and Chen Jin, who is Chang Cheng, cannot succeed. , did not launch a decent product, Lenovo mobile phone in the domestic market is just surviving, there is no future at all.

Chen Jin is a Lenovo veteran and once served as ZUK CMO. After he left Lenovo, he worked in Meitu Mobile and Candy Mobile, and returned to Lenovo in September last year. What is his business level? The final outcome of Meitu mobile phone and Candy mobile phone is enough to illustrate the problem. The former sells himself as Xiaomi, and the latter is directly cool. As a heavyweight executive with the right to speak, Chen Jin is naturally inseparable from the relationship and represents his ability. Very bad.

Don’t be unconvinced, take a step back, even if his performance during his tenure as senior vice president of Meitu Mobile and CEO of Candy Mobile can’t reflect his true business level, the nine months he has served as the leader of Lenovo Mobile China is more or less. It reflects his personal abilities.

After 9 months, except for Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G released in November last year, Lenovo mobile phone has never launched new products. What about All in 5G? What is certain is that after Chen Jin took over, the overall sales of Lenovo mobile phones are destined to be extremely ugly.

On the one hand, although the Lenovo Z6 Pro 5G is priced at 3,299 yuan, it is very sincere and the price is very high, but the marketing can not keep up with it is a major flaw, resulting in many users unaware of its existence, let alone the actual order conversion, this year In March, I noticed that it only received a measly 300+ reviews on the Jingdong platform for 4 months after its listing, and the monthly sales volume on the Tmall platform was only 19 units, which is really appalling.

On the other hand, as early as March this year, Chen Jin began to warm up the rescuer e-sports mobile phone, but it has not been released until now. Considering that this year is the first year of 5G popularization, major players are all eager to release 5G mobile phones. , Lenovo’s market performance is not only completely incomparable with Huami OV, but also not as good as its own performance in the same period. In other words, even if the savior e-sports mobile phone has terrifying technology, it is useless if it has been difficult to deliver, resulting in the overall sales of Lenovo mobile phones are still very impressive.

Yang Yuanqing keeps saying that Lenovo mobile phones have the confidence to make a comeback when they make innovative products in the domestic market. This point of view is not good in itself. After all, channels and marketing are equally important. . Taking a step back, even if there is nothing wrong with his point of view, Lenovo has come up with innovative products to sell. It has not released new products in the domestic market for 7 months. How can it be turned over? Do you think you are Apple can do 1 year 1 update?

To put it bluntly, the performance of Lenovo’s mobile phones in the domestic market is difficult to describe. Now, under the leadership of Chen Jin, who has a poor business level, there is no new phone released in the first half of the year, and the overall sales may hit a record low, which is the worst in the past . Unless Yang Yuanqing redefines the standard of “turning over the battle” and sets it as low as possible, otherwise, according to normal logic, the possibility of Lenovo’s mobile phone turning over is very small, or even as difficult as a dream.

If Chen Jin has a good memory, he should remember that when he took office in September last year, he vowed to set a Flag: Lenovo is confident to be the number one in this segment of gaming phones. I want to say that if he is really good at it, he will quickly release the rescuer e-sports mobile phone and officially take the first step of All in 5G. Don’t use the so-called big move as an excuse to bluff who? Is it bad to be honest with yourself?

Although the sales after the listing may be unsatisfactory as always, it is better than hiding the sales of 0, and it is possible to compete for the top spot in the game mobile phone market, although this market segment has left the outside world with a “shoring general” ” impression, even if it becomes the first gold content is not high. It is not easy to make a machine, Lenovo does it and cherishes it, and there are not many opportunities for Chen Jin to prove himself.

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