Renesas Electronics Introduces New I3C Bus Expansion Products

TOKYO, Japan, June 4, 2020 – Renesas Electronics Group (TSE: 6723), a leading global supplier of semiconductor solutions, today announced the release of four new I3C Basic bus expansion products for control plane design in various applications, Includes data centers and servers, as well as enterprise, factory automation, and communications equipment. The new products include the IMX3102 2:1 bus multiplexer, the IMX3112 1:2 bus expander, and the IXP3114, IXP3104 1:4 general purpose IO expanders, which support up to 12.5MHz and integrated thermal sensor functionality.

These new products provide engineers with maximum design flexibility for implementing the I3C Basic system bus in applications where there may be multiple masters, large numbers of endpoint devices and very long traces that affect bus complexity and signal integrity. Integrated thermal sensors allow better integration of thermal management into the bus design and reduce the number of dedicated thermal sensor endpoints. Following the JEDEC standard’s adoption of I3C Basic as the DDR5 memory sideband, the next-generation computing system management architecture is transitioning to I3C and propelling it to become the system management bus of choice. Distributed power management, telemetry, and thermal management at the sub-channel level increase the complexity of the storage subsystem, requiring higher sideband bus bandwidth.

Additionally, new demands for advanced thermal control loops, security, component authentication, and greater fault tolerance and recovery are driving similar demands for high-bandwidth interfaces across the server control plane. I3C Basic provides the ideal solution for all these needs. It enables the systems management architecture to provide detailed information about the state of server resources at startup and runtime. This enables system administrators to implement efficient workload migration and server load balancing to significantly optimize server utilization.

“Interfaces such as I2C and SMBus have been used for decades, and their performance has long fallen short of the complexities of intelligent platform management in modern data center equipment,” said Rami Sethi, vice president of the Data Center Business Unit at Renesas Electronics. The high-speed control plane design creates a complete line of I3C bus expansion devices with sophisticated environmental control, advanced telemetry, security and fault recovery capabilities.”

Renesas I3C Basic Expander

The IMX310 2:1 bus multiplexer is ideal for designs where two masters control a single peripheral or slave; the IMX3112 1:2 bus multiplexer allows a single master to control two peripherals or slaves design. The IXP3114 (with temperature sensor) and IXP3104 1:4 (without temperature sensor) general-purpose IO expander enables the master controller to control up to 4 peripherals or slave devices.

An unexpected increase in motherboard temperature can lead to costly system failure. Placing temperature sensors in multiple locations on the motherboard allows engineers to continuously monitor potential temperature spikes and instruct the CPU to take action as needed to prevent catastrophic events. The new I3C products use an integrated temperature sensor to reduce overall system cost and improve integration.

Other features include:

Ÿ Two-wire programmable I2C or I3C Basic bus serial interface

Ÿ A single device load on the host bus

Ÿ Single 1.8V input power supply

Ÿ Integrated temperature sensor with 0.5°C accuracy and 0.25°C resolution

Ÿ Temperature range: -40°C to 125°C

Ÿ Packet error checking and parity error checking

Ÿ Bus reset and bus clear function

Ÿ In-band interrupt

Ÿ Programmable I2C, I3C Basic bus address

Ÿ 2mm x 3mm, thermally enhanced 9-pin PSON-8 package

With the new I3C products, Renesas Electronics now offers a complete portfolio of I3C and I2C devices.


Renesas I3C devices and evaluation boards are now sampling to certified customers.

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