iOS 14.5 was cracked so quickly

iOS 14.5 was cracked at a high speed, why is it still in 2021 and still tossing “jailbreak” Apple? ! Checkra1n jailbreak has released the latest version, which supports the iOS 14.5 jailbreak that has just been released. However, the current limit is still between the iPhone 6S and the iPhone X. In fact, the current iOS system is relatively mature, and many functions that the Chinese people expected before have also been available. Why are there still so many people studying and cracking? First, it’s free. A lot of third-party and even pirated software can be installed on the cracked mobile phone, which can be downloaded for free. Second, love tossing. There are many people who like to “make machines” who are keen to customize the various places of the system, and jailbreaking can indeed meet their needs. Of course, after the crack, Apple’s security sandbox mechanism will also disappear, so mobile phones are implanted with viruses or even personal information is stolen from time to time. Jailbreaking is risky, and you need to be cautious!

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