Ignore the U.S.: Germany’s objection to a targeted Huawei ban won’t ban its 5G

For Huawei, Germany does not mean to follow the United States in imposing a ban on it, on the contrary, it is a firm support.

According to German media reports, the German government does not want to be pressured by the United States on the important issue of 5G networks. While Germany is currently working on rules to ensure the security of its 5G network, German Chancellor Angela Merkel is reluctant to exclude Huawei from the construction of Germany’s 5G network for reasons “from China.”

In August, a directory from Germany’s Federal Network Agency listed the standards and rules that telecom companies must follow when buying components and building and operating 5G networks, without making any special provisions for Huawei. This shows that there is no problem with Huawei’s technical security.

The Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung previously reported that Germany will implement a two-stage approval model for technology and “political credibility” in 5G network tenders. Since the German Chancellery and other departments have repeatedly emphasized that they will not issue a ban on Huawei, German media analysts believe that Germany will not “follow the trend” of the United Kingdom and the United States and ban Huawei.

German Interior Minister Seehofer has said that if Huawei is excluded, the construction of Germany’s 5G network will be delayed for several years.

With the U.S. escalating controls on Huawei chips on May 15 this year, Huawei’s globalization has slowed. However, some industry insiders said that the British ban may not have much impact on Huawei’s business, and even said that Huawei may have expected it.

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