STMicroelectronics Introduces Highly Integrated Universal Door Lock Controller Simplifies Design and Improves Security

China, May 11, 2020 – STMicroelectronics L99UDL01 universal door lock IC integrates six MOSFET half-bridge outputs and two half-bridge gate drivers, as well as circuit protection and diagnostics, to improve solution security and simplify design ,save space.

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The L99UDL01 is an overall solution for central locking that uses Electronic technology to control door locks from a body control module (BCM), replacing multiple independent motor drivers and related analog and passive components, while providing more advanced functions.

The IC integrates a unique safety protection function. In the event of an accident, this function can be forced to take over the normal operation, so that emergency personnel can enter the vehicle for rescue. Other value-added features include PWM output current regulation and advanced diagnostics that detect overload current, open loads, shorts to battery, and shorts to ground to complete load integrity checks without starting the load.

The six MOSFET half-bridges integrated on-chip can be connected independently or in parallel to form two output channels of up to three half-bridges each to distribute larger current loads. The output MOSFETs are fully protected and low RDS(ON) resistance improves energy efficiency and simplifies thermal management design. To ensure optimum performance, important parameters are adjustable, including on-time, off-state fault detection, and output current magnitude and direction. Using the programmable current limit feature, designers can reduce electrical stress on the door lock motor, thereby increasing system reliability.

Two half-bridge gate drivers allow designers to connect selected N-channel MOSFETs, or to control additional high-power loads, optionally connect smart power devices for greater design flexibility. The driver integrates an active current recirculation mode to minimize dissipated power, as well as built-in external power device protection features including drain-source current monitoring and off-state fault detection.

In addition, the L99UDL01 has 50µA standby and sleep power saving modes. Standby mode reactivates the controller via SPI commands from the BCM module, while sleep mode reduces current to less than 15µA.

The L99UDL01 is in production now in a 10mm x 10mm TQFP64L package.

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