Samsung will release the first outdoor TV The Terrace

In today’s fierce competition in the TV market, Samsung Electronics continues to consolidate existing markets on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is also constantly exploring new markets. According to reports, Samsung Electronics intends to enter the outdoor TV market. Outdoor TVs can be used in homes with yards. The installation location can be the poolside or patio in the courtyard of a mansion.

According to the report, Samsung Electronics will soon release outdoor TV “The Terrace”, which will serve as a brand-new TV category to provide users with outdoor viewing scenes. Some insiders analyze that expanding the market through new lifestyle products is an effective strategy, and targeting the luxury market will also help profitability.

In fact, the outdoor TV market has taken shape overseas. Of course, outdoor TVs are also facing great challenges, such as whether the life of the product will be affected by the outdoor environment, whether waterproof and heat dissipation can cope with harsh conditions, etc. I don’t know what solution Samsung Electronics will bring?

It is worth mentioning that before this, Samsung Electronics has also released a variety of TV categories such as “The Sero” rotating TV and “The Frame” art TV.

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