The world’s first 5G car, SAIC becomes a leader in connectivity

On October 29, 2019, Zu Sijie, vice president and chief engineer of SAIC Motor, said recently that the concept of “Internet car” is to connect things outside the Internet with the car, and the ultimate goal is to turn the car into a member of the Internet, or Become a member of the Internet of Things. We are a car running on the Internet. The established Zebra Company has become a leader in the Internet connection. The sales growth of our own brand in the past two years is related to this. Recently, it has become a strategic partner with Huawei and China Mobile, and is currently working on the world’s first 5G car, which will be released in April next year.

In terms of 5G intelligent connected vehicles, SAIC has cooperated with China Mobile and Huawei for more than two years. As early as 2017, SAIC, China Mobile and Huawei completed the construction of Asia’s first 5G test field at the SAIC Tongji Intelligent Connected Vehicle Evaluation Base. Less than a month later, the three companies signed a tripartite cooperation framework agreement at the Mobile World Congress in Shanghai to jointly promote the development of intelligent travel services and the next-generation cellular vehicle networking (C-V2X) industry.

In April this year, SAIC, China Mobile, Huawei and Shanghai International Automobile City jointly launched the construction of the first “5G Smart Transportation Demonstration Zone” in China, which is planned to be completed and officially opened to the public next year.

Not only SAIC, but in 2019, many auto giants such as BMW and Daimler are accelerating the process of 5G vehicles.

In April of this year, BMW Brilliance completed the 5G network construction of its Shenyang production base and launched an application demonstration project, becoming the world’s first automobile manufacturer to apply 5G technology to the field of automobile R&D and production, and the BMW plant in Germany is also starting to build Standalone 5G network. For the first time in two months, Mercedes-Benz has built the world’s first 5G network for car production at its “Factory 56” in Sindelfingen.

SAIC Motor Corporation Limited (“SAIC” for short, stock code 600104) is the largest listed auto company in the domestic A-share market. By the end of 2013, SAIC’s total share capital had reached 11 billion shares. The main vehicle companies affiliated to SAIC include passenger car companies, commercial vehicle companies, Shanghai Volkswagen, Shanghai GM, SAIC-GM-Wuling, Nanjing Iveco, SAIC Iveco Hongyan, Shanghai Sunwin, etc.

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