Do electric cars need to be warmed up in advance like fuel cars?

For a hot car, it was originally derived from a fuel car. A hot car can make the engine enter a better working state and ensure that the engine can have good lubrication conditions. This has also become a problem that most people have before driving The “hot car” habit. For electric vehicles, there is no oil system such as an engine, so do you need to warm up the car in advance?


According to the structure of electric vehicles, electric vehicles are composed of three electric components. According to the use environment of electric vehicles, it is determined whether it is necessary to warm up the vehicle in advance. Electric vehicles use lithium batteries. According to the characteristics of lithium batteries, When the temperature is low, the battery cruising range will decline due to the temperature. Warming up the car in advance in a low temperature environment can make the power battery reach the ideal working temperature, and improve the performance in low temperature environment when driving.

Furthermore, according to the working principle of electric vehicles, many manufacturers have designed battery heating systems, and the ultimate purpose of the battery thermal management system, simply put, is to make the battery temperature reach the most suitable working temperature. According to the battery heating management system, some use the gun to heat, and some use the battery’s own power to heat. Furthermore, according to the operation of the battery, the battery will generate heat due to the flow of current during operation, so that the battery can meet the working requirements.


Driving without heating the car may reduce the cruising range of the car, because the new energy vehicle suddenly runs at a high speed when it is stopped, and the consumption of the battery will increase, which will affect the cruising range of the car itself. That is to say, even if the car is not warmed up in advance, violent driving should be avoided as much as possible for a period of time after starting at low temperature.

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