Smartway Technology debuted at CPSE 2019 and delivered a satisfactory answer to the security market as an “innovator”

October 31, 2019, Shenzhen, China – From October 28 to 31, the 17th China International Social and Public Security Expo (CPSE 2019), the world’s largest security exhibition, was grandly held in Shenzhen. SmartSens, a technology-leading CMOS image sensor supplier, made a stunning appearance with the theme of “Intelligent Vision, Core Vision, Core Future”, and held the “SmartSens Partner Conference” (SPM) at the same time to provide attendees He shared the cutting-edge innovation achievements and future technology development trends of China’s CMOS industry. In Smartway’s booth area, four exhibition areas were set up to Display many industry-leading technologies, cooperation and new products from Smartway and its partners, adding splendor to the 30th anniversary of the Expo.

Smartway Partner Conference – Smartway Relying on Localization Demand, Sails Made in China

On the 29th, SmartVision successfully held the “SmartSmart Partner Conference” (SPM), and Dr. Xu Chen, founder and CEO of SmartSmart Technology, delivered a keynote speech to the participants and introduced SmartSmart’s technology in the past 8 years. The innovation achievements and market achievements showed the new products released during the CPSE, and shared Smartway’s future development plan.

Dr. Xu Chen said: “As a local chip design company, Smartway’s core concept is ‘relying on localization needs, sailing to China’s manufacturing’. Wei’s supply chain system has realized ‘multi-pronged approach and multi-point flowering’, fully guaranteeing the production capacity demand for customers. In addition, Smartway also takes quality control as the focus of work, including strict assessment of suppliers and establishment of a complete set of Reliability, high and low temperature, aging, consistency and other product tests. Through unremitting efforts, Smartway’s products have been widely recognized by the market, and customers are confident in using our existing products and future new products.”

The supply chain and algorithm partners who were invited to speak at the site not only expressed high recognition of the current cooperation between the two parties, but also expressed full confidence in the further cooperation in DSI technology and SmartSensor in the future! Let the atmosphere in the venue reach a climax again.

The four exhibition areas show the “score sheet” in the field of Smartway security

At Booth 6B30 in Hall 6, SmartVision presented “Core Vision·DSI Next-Generation Product Excellent Series”, “Core Intelligence·Innovative Technology 3D Image Application”, “Core Future·Automotive Electronics and Core Technology Introduction” and “Core Cooperation” ·Achieving a win-win situation for customers and ecology” four exhibition areas were presented in an all-round way.

  1. Core Vision·DSI’s next-generation product excellent series

The DSI pixel technology unveiled this time is the first large-scale demonstration in the form of product production and field application examples. As SmartPixel-2TM technology independently developed by SmartSens, the imaging performance of DSI pixel technology is significantly improved compared to the first-generation FSI technology: the sensitivity is increased by 2 times; the dark current is reduced by 5 times; the signal-to-noise ratio is significantly improved.

2. Core Intelligence Innovative Technology 3D Image Application

The application of Smartway products in 3D images such as drones, face-scanning payment, and high frame rate shooting was demonstrated. The SmartGS? series of Global Shutter CIS products can truly restore the captured images, allowing the machine to understand the “semantics” in the images more quickly and accurately.

3. Chip Future·Introduction to Automotive Electronics and Core Chip Technology

The “H” series products including LED flicker suppression technology, automotive HDR occasions, super starlight shooting and high temperature performance have been shown:

– Based on QCell technology, the CMOS image sensor can solve the hidden safety hazards in vehicles caused by the LED flickering problem through the effective suppression capability provided by the LED flicker suppression technology, and further improve the safety of artificial intelligence assisted driving systems and automatic driving applications;

– Vehicle HDR scenes are based on PixGainHDR technology, which can achieve no artifacts when shooting sports scenes;

-Super starlight level shooting is based on the super starlight large optical size 1080p sensor, which can be applied to security surveillance cameras, night vision cameras and industrial cameras;

-SmartClarity’s new “H” series of BSI products can ensure that the sensor still maintains a good working condition under high temperature conditions.

4. Core cooperation to achieve win-win for customers and ecology

The case of SmartSens R&D cooperation with MEMS Drive and ams was shown.

Relying on the “hard core” strength to win a number of awards, China’s security CIS leader emerges

At CPSE 2019, Smartway also won two awards, “Golden Tripod Award of the 17th CPSE Security Expo” and “Top 100 Chinese Security Innovation Enterprises in 2019” by virtue of its SC132GS image sensor and its outstanding corporate innovation. The award-winning SC132GS image sensor greatly optimizes shutter efficiency and sensitivity while reducing pixel size and power consumption by using advanced global shutter (Global Shutter) and stacked (Stacked BSI) design technology. Light leakage and noise, and solve many machine vision imaging problems including the “jelly effect”, which will undoubtedly be more suitable for the needs of various intelligent vision applications under the future 5G and AI trends.

Ms. Chris YIU, Chief Marketing Officer of Smartway Technology, said: “The Security Expo has witnessed the transformation of China’s security industry from simulation, to digital high-definition, and then to AI in the past 30 years, and the implementation of AI technology and solutions will undoubtedly become the next stage. The focus of the industry. Smartway has always had a leading market position in the security field. Since 2017, Smartway has achieved the world’s largest shipment of security applications for two consecutive years. In the future, we will use the full color night We will continue to develop other innovative technologies such as vision technology and near-infrared enhancement technology to develop the next generation of ‘smart sensor chips’, so as to achieve breakthroughs in artificial intelligence technology in the field of security and help the development of China’s security field.”

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