Bitmain’s “Palace Fight” Great Change: Former Chairman Zhan Ketuan Was Dismissed From All Positions

On October 29, Bitmain, the world’s largest supplier of mining equipment, revealed an internal email. Wu Jihan, the founder of Bitmain, announced that Ketuan Zhan would be relieved of all positions in Bitmain, effective immediately.

The email announced: “Any employee of Bitmain shall no longer execute the instructions of Ketuan Zhan, and shall not participate in the meeting convened by Ketuan Zhan. If there is any violation, the company will consider rescinding the labor contract according to the seriousness of the circumstances; if it causes damage to the company’s economic interests, the company will pursue civil or civil liability in accordance with the law. criminal responsibility.”

Wu Jihan and Zhan Ketuan are both co-founders of Bitmain. The two graduated from Peking University and Tsinghua University respectively. The company has been implementing the dual CEO system before.

The two were originally in charge of different businesses, but their differences widened in 2018. When Bitmain failed to go public in early 2019, Wu Jihan even fell into a disadvantage.

However, on October 28th, the situation changed. Ketuan Zhan, chairman of Bitmain, stepped down as the legal representative of Bitmain and was replaced by Jihan Wu, co-founder of Bitmain, and Ketuan Zhan no longer served as executive director. On the 29th, Wu Jihan announced the news of the dismissal of Ketuan Zhan.

And just one day before the 2019 Shenzhen Security Expo (October 27), Bitmain held a press conference for the third-generation smart server SA5 in Shenzhen – and at that time, Ketuan Zhan also appeared at the press conference as the chairman of Bitmain. at the meeting.

At present, Ketuan Zhan has not responded to this news.

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