Micron Technology joins hands with seven major industrial companies to establish high-quality IIoT product standards

Micron Technology, Inc. (NASDAQ: MU) today launched the Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program, reaffirming its three-decade commitment to intensively cultivate industrial markets.

In Micron Technology and other founding members – Advantech (Advantech), ATP Electronics (Huateng Microelectronics), Greenliant (Green Core semiconductor), Innodisk (Innodisk), Kontron (Kontron, Germany), Mercury Systems and Viking Technology Supported by Micron’s Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program, the Micron Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program will promote high-quality, robust and durable memory and storage product solutions for a broad range of industrial applications, including factory automation, transportation and defense systems.

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is continuing to drive rapid changes in manufacturing, driving automation and connectivity beyond the confines of traditional factories and creating widespread demand for data acquisition, communications, real-time analytics, and data-driven decision-making across various industrial verticals . The Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program is designed to address the increased need for coordination and collaboration across the supply chain, a requirement for designing today’s industrial solutions.

Five principles of Micron’s IQ Matters program:

Micron Technology has more than three decades of industry leadership in developing memory solutions for the industrial market. Micron launched its IQ Matters program in 2017, laying the groundwork for this Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program. Built around five principles that support design, the program is dedicated to advancing industrial product development and delivering sustainable, lower total cost of ownership (TCO) for Micron customers and the industry at large. The five principles are:

Enhance product performance to ensure stable performance in environments such as extreme temperatures, thermal cycling, shock and humidity.

High levels of durability and reliability are incorporated into the design and testing process to meet the needs of embedded applications with long life cycles.

Extensive and rigorous quality testing to deliver consistent performance in products and processes required for embedded and mission-critical applications.

Through the “Micron Product Long-Term Availability Program”, relevant appropriate products are provided with longer-term support than the standard life cycle to meet the needs of longer life cycle applications.

Gain insight into product use cases to deliver optimized products and performance for specific application needs.

“With the widespread and growing deployment of industrial IoT applications, choosing the right industrial memory and storage solutions for embedded applications becomes even more important,” said Mr. Kris Baxter, vice president of marketing for Micron’s Embedded Products Group. “Industrial Quotients The (IQ) Partner Program provides industrial customers with peace of mind that they are choosing the most suitable products for their IIoT designs with the lowest possible total cost of ownership. These choices not only meet the capabilities of future industrial solutions demand, and through simplified product lifecycle management, long-term reliability and consistent quality of products will be guaranteed.”

Micron’s memory and Storage solutions have always been the industry’s first choice. Micron’s Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program members are committed to developing and delivering robust and more optimized industrial solutions to meet the growing demands and expectations of these critical application areas.

Micron Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Reviews

Advantech: “Advantech is delighted to join the Micron Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program,” said Linda Tsai, President of Advantech Industrial IoT. Micron and Advantech share the same IQ values; As a partner that provides the industry with long-term supply, high quality and reliable solutions, we can provide better support in factory automation, medical and transportation applications, which is also a core value that our end customers care about.”

Huateng Microelectronics: Marco Mezger, Vice President of Global Marketing of Huateng Microelectronics, said: “As long-term partners and innovative enterprise peers, Micron Technology and Huateng Microelectronics have a common mission and responsibility – to reshape the market’s understanding of the industry, And help customers maximize the value of the total cost of ownership. Micron’s Industrial Quotient (IQ) Partner Program has made a comprehensive consideration of various factors including product temperature support, and our ‘Dedicated to Industry’ service commitment and enterprise The concepts fit and complement each other very well.”

GreenCore: “Micron’s industrial MLC 3D NAND features advanced single-channel programming and power-off protection to help us address data integrity concerns in areas such as train brake management systems,” said Ralph Thomson, director of market applications engineering for GreenCore Europe. Higher application requirements. Train brake management equipment will operate under extreme conditions such as shock, vibration and power interruption, and the equipment relies on Green Core’s NANDrive BGA SSD for operating system and storage of important maintenance data. Green Core’s NAND controller is specialized in The combination of this technology and Micron’s 3D NAND flash technology provides advantages in meeting the reliability and security of data storage in transportation systems.”

Innodisk: “Innodisk is delighted to partner with Micron, both of whom are committed to providing industry-leading integrated solutions for the most demanding application environments,” said CC Wu, vice president of Inding. Pushing the industry into the Artificial Intelligence Internet of Things (AIoT) era.”

Kontron: “Micron is one of the leading manufacturers of innovative NVMe flash memory chips, and we are delighted to be working with Micron,” said Peter Mueller, vice president of Kontron’s motherboard and module product center business. “Through our partnership with Micron, Kontron will be able to Bringing high-capacity flash memory to the market in smaller size and faster read times. Micron’s focus on providing reliable and durable product support for the embedded and industrial markets is critical to Kontron and our customers.”

Mercury Systems: “By combining Micron’s high-performance memory technology with Mercury Systems’ advanced microtechnology and specialized packaging experience, we have enabled the smallest aerospace and defense class Embedded systems with the highest density and reliability of DRAM and SSD devices. The partnership with Micron makes us more determined to commercialize the technology for aerospace and defense.”

Viking Technology: “Viking Technology has extensive experience developing industrial and embedded DRAM memory and flash memory products,” said Hamid Shokrgozar, President of Viking Technology. In recent years, we have expanded these solutions to include specialized multi-chip packages , such as ParallelCell multi-chip packaging solutions. This solution is designed, developed and optimized for the demanding military and aerospace markets. Therefore, we need a partner in NAND flash and DRAM memory products that can meet these needs “The Industrial Quotient (IQ) partnership with Micron reinforces our long-term plans in these markets and further supports our entry into aerospace markets where durability and temperature performance are critical.”

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