Curious about iQOO 3?First out of the box in Rally Orange, a brand new version you’ve never seen before

Recently, iQOO’s latest flagship mobile phone, iQOO 3, was officially unveiled. Although it was released online, it did not affect the enthusiasm of “cool customers” and consumers at all. iQOO 3 arrived as scheduled, bringing a new design language, stronger performance, stronger imaging capabilities and further 5G. Performance. I received the new iQOO 3 Rally Orange color scheme right away. Through this simple out-of-the-box evaluation, I tried my best to restore the highlights of the iQOO 3 product itself.

Curious about iQOO 3?First out of the box in Rally Orange, a brand new version you’ve never seen before

Since it is an out-of-the-box evaluation, the “family portrait” photo is naturally indispensable. Orange-black color box, Rally orange color iQOO 3, transparent silicone protective case, product three-pack certificate, charging head supporting 55W ultra-fast flash charging, “capsule”-shaped charging cable, card pins and these standard accessories are all different. fall. In the current situation that many brand mobile phones do not come with a mobile phone case, iQOO 3 still insists on the “operation” of its own mobile phone case, which is quite considerate, avoiding the embarrassment of not having a protective case when the mobile phone first arrives.

Generally speaking, users are full of anticipation when a product is out of the box, and I am no exception. At the first sight of iQOO 3 Rally Orange, its “face value” caught my eye. Enthusiastic orange, with the rounded body lines, gives people a feeling of passion. Like iQOO’s brand color orange and black, iQOO 3 Rally Orange also uses these two colors to the extreme. Black and orange are perfectly integrated to create a unique style full of energy.

Sharp-eyed netizens will definitely find that the orange color scheme used in iQOO 3 is not very pure, but adds “mottled dots” to it, which further enhances the texture of iQOO 3. Such a “finishing touch” can indeed see the careful thought of the designer. Drawing design inspiration from the exciting rally, with the design concept of iQOO 3 “born to be strong”, the iQOO 3 rally orange color scheme is indeed the same as the theme of its conference “defining new speed”, showing speed and movement Charm.

As good as the back design of the fuselage, there is also the front of iQOO 3. The iQOO 3 adopts a perforated full-screen design with an aperture of only 2.98mm. The perforation is located in the upper right corner of the screen, which is difficult to notice without deliberate observation. With the optimization of the software, the front camera is perfectly integrated into the status bar of iQOO 3, ensuring a delicate visual enjoyment. In daily operations such as watching movies and playing games, the high-quality screen used by iQOO 3 is enough to provide users with a top-level viewing experience.

On the imaging system that users are very concerned about, iQOO 3 is also uncompromising, using a rear AI four-camera solution at the full scene level. The dual-camera combination of 48-megapixel main camera + 13-megapixel portrait lens + 13-megapixel ultra-wide-angle AF lens + depth-of-field lens allows iQOO 3 to have the ability to shoot in different environments, with a variety of camera modes and powerful algorithms The optimization of iQOO 3 allows users to capture the wonderful things in life anytime and anywhere, making it easy to take pictures.

Taking portrait mode as an example, based on the powerful portrait lens of iQOO 3, iQOO 3 can take very natural and real portrait photos. Especially in the blurring of portraits and backgrounds, iQOO 3 can perfectly separate the subject and the background, and achieve excellent portrait blurring, allowing users to easily shoot portraits. In addition, modes such as Super Night Scene 3.0, AI Human Eye Focus, and Super Backlight are also very interesting and easy to use, and are worth exploring and digging by users themselves.

At the bottom left of the back of the iQOO 3, you can see the “iQOO 5G” logo. In the face of the upcoming 5G network, iQOO 3 is equipped with a powerful combination of Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor + UFS 3.1 high-speed flash memory + LPDDR5 storage to “escort” the performance of iQOO 3. Features such as high-speed 5G network performance and support for dual-mode 5G networks allow iQOO 3 to seamlessly connect to the 5G era, achieve a stable and high-speed 5G network experience, and open a new era of faster speeds.

The battery life of a mobile phone plays a crucial role in the user experience. To this end, iQOO 3 is equipped with a large 4440mAh battery and 55W ultra-fast flash charging technology to keep iQOO 3 “online” at all times. I believe that seeing here, you already have a general understanding of iQOO 3, the first flagship model of iQOO in 2020. On the whole, all aspects have been greatly upgraded, and the iQOO 3 phone is indeed very attractive to users.

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