OnRobot Smart Screwdriver Screwdriver for Fast, Easy and Flexible Deployment

OnRobot, the manufacturer of a full line of plug-and-play robotic tools for collaborative applications, today released the Screwdriver, an out-of-the-box smart screw-fastening tool that helps manufacturers automate various assembly processes quickly, easily and flexibly.Many manufacturers want to automate the tedious, unergonomic, and often inconsistent manual screw-tightening process, but it is difficult to integrate and program commonly used fragmented screw-fastening systems.OnRobot Smart Screwdriver Screwdriver for Fast, Easy and Flexible Deploymentimage.png

The OnRobot Screwdriver is easy to program by simply entering the appropriate screw length and torque values ​​on the user interface, which has been integrated into teaching pendants for all leading robots. With precise torque control and embedded axes, the OnRobot Screwdriver automatically calculates the required speed and force, ensuring stable and accurate screw drive. The Screwdriver detects incorrect screw lengths, helping to improve overall quality and reduce scrap. Utilizing Screwdriver’s unique “Z-axis” feature, once the robot arm moves into place, the screw retracts into the tool and drives itself, reducing part collisions and extra programming during robot arm movement. Screws up to 35mm in length can also be fully retracted inside the Screwdriver while moving, enhancing their ability to cooperate until the screwdriving process is safely initiated.


The OnRobot Screwdriver can handle a variety of screw sizes and lengths, from M1.6 to M6, up to 50mm long. With simple programming and an easy-to-change system, Screwdrivers can be quickly changed to different sizes, lengths or product lines in minutes, minimizing downtime and increasing productivity.

Enrico Krog Iversen, CEO of OnRobot, said: “This is one of our most advanced products to date, and we have designed this automatic screw tightening tool to help users simplify the extremely cumbersome process, allowing manufacturers to achieve higher Quick results and cost savings in terms of uptime, yield, consistency and quality.”

OnRobot Screwdriver includes the following powerful and intuitive features:

Recessed shaft for improved screw tightening accuracy and easy programming

0.15Nm—5Nm precise torque control

Screw size from M1.6-M6, up to 50mm

Compatible with screw feeders

Electronic assembly meets anti-static (ESD) safety standards

Mountable via OnRobot quick-change

Screwdriver is compatible with OnRobot’s award-winning All-in-One Solutions platform, which provides a unified mechanical and electrical interface between leading robotic arms and any OnRobot product. The all-in-one solution platform has been extended to integrate with robots from ABB Robotics and Hanwha Precision Machinery. Users of these robots can now also take advantage of the unified mechanical and electrical interface of any OnRobot product, enabling simpler integration and faster ROI.

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