Analog Devices Releases UL 217 Tested and Validated Smoke Detector Reference Design and Algorithms

Beijing, China – Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) today released a reference design and algorithm for rapid prototyping of small form factor, low power smoke detectors, enabling smoke detectors to be brought to market faster and at lower cost market. The newly released CN0537 reduces design risk and has been tested and verified to meet the UL 217 standard for smoke alarms (8th edition). This reference design uses ADI’s ADPD188BI high-performance optical sensor core and uses a precision smoke chamber to reduce false alarms.

Key features of the CN0537 reference design:

UL 217 (8th Edition) tested and validated smoke and fire detection algorithms

Data package for algorithm development, including over 1,000 smoke datasets acquired with UL-217 certified equipment

· Software providing source code for data preprocessing, initialization, calibration and environmental compensation

Smoke detector reference design in Arduino form factor for rapid prototyping and development

Low-power hardware design and algorithms with lower computational complexity help extend battery life and reduce battery size and cost

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